GameGuide: Acolyte Class

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Acolyte Job Quest

1. To begin, You are required to reach Job Level 10 for the Job Selection option to be available. Before selecting your desired job carefully read each job description for you to be able to fully understand the purpose or mainly to have information about it because you will not be able to change this in the future. Once you have selected ACOLYTE to be your job.

2. You will then be directed in the Prontera Church. If ever you got lost on your way:

◦ Go In Prontera, it is in Northeastern Corner. Father Mareusis is located in the first room on the right side of the hallway. Upon entering that room, the NPC can be found in the left side of the room in the northern-most corner

3. Simply talk to Father Mareusis to signup for the acolyte quest. He will ask you to either visit Father Rubalkabara, Mother Marthilda, or Father Yosuke

Father Rubalkabara is located Near St. Capitolina Abbey, 1 map North, and 2 maps East of Prontera. That is the Yoyo/Smokie/Choco Map.

Mother Marthilda is located at one map north from the town of Morroc. Morroc is SouthWest from Prontera. She is at the top left corner on the map.

Father Yosuke is located on a very small island (located at the center of the map) 2 maps West, and 1 map North, of Prontera.

4. Once you have finished speaking to the designated NPC, go back to Father Mareusis and he will change you to an acolyte.