GameGuide: Knight Class

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Knight Job Change

1. You must be a swordsman of at least job 40 to start the quest.

2. Talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" inside the only building in the northwest corner of Prontera. He will tell you to talk to "Sir Andrew Syloc" to begin the first test.


3. You will be asked to collect one of the two item sets for the quest to pass the quest. Level 50 Job level swordsmen will skip this test and move to the next one. Below are the items to be collected.


First set

• 5 Elder Pixie's Moustache
• 5 Wings of Red Bat
• 5 Orcish Vouchers
• 5 Moth Dusts
• 5 Reptile Tongues
• 5 Manes




Second set

• 5 Bug Legs
• 5 Hearts of Mermaid
• 5 Snail's Shells
• 5 Clam Shells
• 5 Old Frying Pans
• 5 Maneater Blossoms


4. After giving him the items, he will tell you to talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" again. He will direct you to "Sir James Syracuse".


5. You will be asked 8 questions. Answering a question wrongly will restart the test. Below are the questions and their answers.


      • Weapon unaffected by Twohand Quicken Flamberge

      • Skill not required for Bowling Bash Provoke Level 10

      • Option not necessary for Brandish Spear Spear Boomerang

      • Weapon that can attack a Nightmare monster Zephyrus

      • The correct amount 80%

      • You should tell the novice about a Hunting area

      • In the front of a battle you should protect everyone

      • The most important value of a Knight honor



After you passed this part, speak with "Chivalry Captain Herman" and he will direct you to "Sir Windsor" for the third test.


6. "Sir Windsor" will warp you to the next part. Entering the chat room in the next area will warp you to a room filled with monsters. You will be given a time limit of 3 minutes to kill everything in the room. If you exceed the time limit or died inside the test area, you will be warped outside the room to retake the test. Below are the monsters for each room of the test.



First Room

• 4 Dustiness

• 2 Pieres, Deniros and Andres

• 2 Argos


Second Room

• 2 Frilldoras

• 2 Desert Wolves

• 4 Drainliars

• 2 Anacondaqs


Third Room

• 5 Goblins

• 1 Goblin Archer

• 1 Steam Goblin Steamrider


7. When you completed the test, talk to "Sir Windsor" again for confirmation. He'll ask to talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" who will direct you to Lady Amy Beatris for the next test.


8. "Lady Amy Beatris" will ask you 10 questions. You will need at least 8 correct answers to pass this test. Below are the questions and their answers. Some questions have 2 correct answers.


• Let's say you’re in Morroc and you want to recruit a party member. What would you do? - Make a chatroom and wait or Ask if anyone wants to party with a Knight.


• You're in a party with a hunter, a priest, a wizard, a blacksmith, and an assassin. The six of you decide to train in the Pyramids. Your party makes it to the fourth floor of the pyramid, what will you do now? - Scout ahead and make sure it's safe for all or Stay in front of the party and move slowly


• A guy creates a mob right in front of your party and disappears. What would you do? - Look after your partners or Fight hard and help when needed


• Somehow you beat the mob. Your party then journeys on and you stumble upon someone who has fainted. - This guy begs you to help him, what will you do? Ask the priest in your party to help.


• You guys have to go to different places so you guys separate yourselves into smaller groups. During your previous battles, a monster dropped a very valuable item that you picked up. What do you do with it? - Give it to the person that deserves it the most or Discuss it with the others.


• You decide to go back to Prontera and sell some of the valuable items you picked up. On the road, you see a lot of chatrooms. What would be the best way to sell them? - Create a chatroom to advertise the items or Go around looking for someone that needs them.


• Someone comes up to you and begs you for money. What would you do? - Tell him a place where its suitable for him to earn money.


• Now your alone and training in a forest. You are happily riding a pecopeco. - You run into someone who's lost. What do you do? Tell her where the exit is. or Bring her to the exit.


• You're still in the forest but now your busy fighting monsters. You realize that you've run out of healing items and your health is very low. Suddenly a priest appears! What would you do? - Would you please heal me. I'll share the drops with you.


• Your getting tired so you decide to head back to town. On the road back to town, you see a very valuable object. - What will you do? Ask around to see if anyone dropped it or Leave it there.


9. After passing the test, she will tell you to speak to "Chivalry Captain Herman" who will then direct you to "Sir Edmund" for the last test. In this test, you will be warped to a room with lots of mobs. The point of this test is too see if you can stay calm. You do not need to do anything, you will fail if you hit something. The test will last for 4 minutes.


10. Once you completed the test, talk to "Sir Edmund" again for confirmation. He'll ask to talk to "Chivalry Captain Herman" who will direct you to "Sir Grey" for the last test.


11. This test is more like a general interview before you become a knight. You can answer the questions the way you feel that fits your personality. In the end, he'll let you pass and ask you to speak to "Chivalry Captain Herman" where he will change you into a Knight finally.


12. You will get 3 Awakening Potions if your job level is below job 50 when you become a knight. If you are job level 50, you will get 7 Awakening Potions.