GameGuide: Merchant Class

ALL SERVERS NEWS 2017-11-28 06:29:53

Merchant Job Quest

1. You must be a Novice at job level 10 to change jobs.

2. Go to the merchant guild located in lower left corner of Alberta and talk to "Chief Mahnsoo".

3. You will need to pay a fee of 1,000z, which can be paid at the start of the quest or you can choose to pay 500z at the start and 500z at the end of the quest.

4. After that, he will ask you to retrieve a package from the Merchant Guildsman or Warehouse NPC and deliver it to one of the three destinations.
You must remember or write down the "Serial Number" along with correct product. If you give the recipient the wrong product, he will not accept it.

5. Below are the possible recipients for this quest.

6. The Kafra at Prontera (248, 42);

The Guild Staff at Geffen_in (155, 122);

 The Dyer's Student in Morroc_in (140, 102); 


and the Kafra by Byalan (106, 58).

Upon successful delivery, you will be given a voucher.

7. Once you successfully delivered the product, go back to Alberta and give the voucher to the warehouse NPC. Then you can return to him and he will change to you a merchant.