GameGuide: Pet System

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A pet is a tamed monster which will follow you keep you company in your adventures. They have no special skills, except when they attain loyal (what action they do varies). There are different types of Pets with varying levels of difficulty to obtain and maintain (keep fed). Pets which achieve a Cordial or above level of Intimacy will provide their owner with certain bonuses while accompanying them.

You can only change your pet's name ONCE using the 'Pet Status' (Alt+J) menu. So, please be careful when deciding your pet's name. 

Taming A Pet
To get a pet, you will need to have a taming item and an Pet Incubator. Incubators can be purchased from various pet NPCs in most major towns. Taming items must be obtained via monster drops or some special items/quests.

To use a taming item, double click on it in the item window.

  • When you see the monster you want to tame on the screen, hover the circle over the monster, and click.
  • A slot machine will appear and you must click again to get a chance at taming the monster.
    • If you fail, you lose the taming item and get no pet.
    • If you succeed, you will use the taming item and receive a pet egg.
  • The success rate is unaffected by stats.
    * It is debated whether or not depleting the HP of the monster before using the taming item increases chances of success. It is also debated whether using Provoke on the monster reduces the rate. 


Once you have obtained a pet egg, use a Pet Incubator (sold by pet NPC in major towns) to hatch it.

  • To hatch the egg, click on the Incubator and a small menu will appear like the one you get when you use a magnifier.
  • Click on the pet you wish to hatch and it will appear.
  • It is a good idea to have food handy when you open the egg for the first time because the pet will be hungry.

Raising a Pet
The first thing that should be done is to feed the pet.

  • If it's not fed quickly enough it will likely run away.
  • It is also likely to run away if it is fed too much.

When feeding a pet, open the status window for the pet.

  • Right click on the pet and click on the option for status.
  • A window will pop up where you will see the name of the pet, what level the pet is, if it is wearing any accessories, and whether or not it is hungry.
  • To feed your pet, right-click on it and choose "Feed Pet". Your pet will then make an emote, letting you know it has eaten.
  • It is possible to overfeed your pet. Only feed it once at a time and its intimacy will slowly rise.
  • It should give you the Ok! Emote.
  • If you continue to feed it it will give the Hmmm or Pif emote.
  • Feed it again and it will use the OMG! emote and die.
  • You must control how much your pet eats.

*Monster's Feed is not the same as Pet Food despite having identical icons

  • Pets will only eat Pet Food.
  • Monster's Feed is only good for recovering your own HP.

*When you are tired of your pet or have run out of money to keep it out, you can return it to egg status. Simply right click on the pet and choose the selection. You will need an incubator to hatch the pet again. You do not need to take accessories off the pet when you put it into its egg.

Hunger and Intimacy
There are 5 Hunger and Intimacy Levels.

Need to add?

  • Each pet starts at a random intimacy level ranging from 250-399. The higher level the monster, the lower the beginning intimacy level.
  • Each feeding gives different incremental points depending on the pet and it's hunger
  • Higher level pets get less intimacy per feeding
  • Pets get more intimacy when fed at hungry than at neutral.
  • Pet intimacy goes down by 15 points each time you die.
  • Pet intimacy does NOT go down when the pet is returned to its egg form.
  • To maximize intimacy gain per feeding, pets should be fed the moment they become hungry
  • To maximize intimacy gain in a given length of time, pets should be fed the moment they become neutral - although pets get more intimacy per feeding if they are hungry, the time between feedings outweighs this.