GameGuide: Priest Class

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Priest Job Quest

1. After reaching Acolyte job level 40 or higher, You then can proceed to your second job change. A PRIEST. Go back to the Prontera church - it is in Northeastern Corner.

2. Talk to Father Thomas to sign-up to be a priest. He will tell how the quest is going to be and what is your first task.

3. If you are at job level 50, you can skip the first part of the test and he will warp you to Father Peter directly. Otherwise, your first task is to pay a visit, in this order, to Father Rubalkabara, then Mother Marthilda, and lastly Father Yosuke. The locations of each of these NPCs are stated below:


a. Father Rubalkabara is located Near St. Capitolina Abbey, 1 map North, and 2 maps East of Prontera. That is the Yoyo/Smokie/Choco Map.

b. Mother Marthilda is located at one map north from the town of Morroc. Morroc is SouthWest from Prontera. She is at the top left corner of the map.

c. Father Yosuke is located on a very small island (located at the center of the map) 2 maps West, and 1 map North, of Prontera.

4. After you have spoken to all 3 Clerics, go back to Father Thomas and he'll warp you to Father Peter to start the next part of the test.
5. In the quest waiting room, enter the chat box on top of Father Peter's head to begin the test. Or click on him for the test instructions.
6. There are 3 parts to this test:
a) In the first part, you have to kill all the zombies in the room.
b) In the second part, you will be presented to a series of monster disguised NPCs (Dark Lord, Baphomet, etc), each will attempt to get you to the dark side. You have to resist the temptation, answer to their temptational deals with common sense as a servant of God (Just answer "Devil, Be Gone" for most part). If you accept their deals, you will be warped to some wild places and have to do the second test again.
c) After the temptation test, you will be in a room filled with mummies. You are not required to kill any of them. Simply make it to the exit to pass the test.

NOTE: You have 5 minutes to pass all 3 rooms. You may bring a priest friend to help you with the zombie room and/ or the mummy room test. Just have the priest talk to Father Thomas while the acolyte is inside taking the test. The priest must have a Rosary in his inventory in order to enter the test room.

7. After passing the test that Father Peter has given, You then talk to Sister Cecile for the final test. She is located inside the Prontera church - first room on the left.

8. She will ask you a series of questions to determine if you are suitable to handle the job as a priest. Just answer the questions with common sense as a priest.
9. If you get any of the question wrong, she will stop you. You can talk to her to take the test again.
10. Once you passed this test, go talk to Father Thomas again, he will change you into a priest. The given reward will be based on what job level you are.
a) If you are at job level 50 when you started the priest quest, Father Thomas will give you a Bible.
b) Otherwise, if you are job level 40 – 49, he will give you a Book.