Game Guide: PVP System

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Ragnarok Online Philippines – PVP System

Player/s versus player/s, better known as PvP, is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants.

In Ragnarok Online, many cities have Inns that allow entrance to the PvP arena. In Prontera, you proceed to Prontera Inn (prontera 204, 189).

Speaking to the PVP Doorman (prt_in 53, 140) NPC brings up three options:

PVP Modes
Yoyo Mode - The 'safe' PvP mode, where death does not cause EXP loss or items to drop.
Nightmare Mode - This mode has penalties upon death: EXP is lost, and there is a 1% chance to drop (and probably lose to another player) an item. 
After deciding which mode to use, there is a 500z fee to enter the Waiting Room in addition to the Level 31 requirement.

Yoyo Mode: 

NightMare Mode:


Select a map from this NPC to be automatically teleported to said map and spawn at a random point in that map. The available maps (which are not the actual cities, but scenaries located on a different server with PvP enabled that are accessable only through the Waiting Room; they do not even have NPCs on them) are:


Once selecting a map, the player has 5 seconds of invulnerability upon spawning unless they move their character before this time ends. Then, they can immediately partake in PvP.
There are a few things that should be noted on PvP maps. The lower right of the screen now displays the player's rank in that map (i.e. 6/9: where 6 is the current rank in that map and 9 indicates the current number of people on that map). The goal is to kill numerous amounts of players while staying alive.

The scoring system works as such: upon entering a PvP map, the player is given 5 points. There is +1 point for every kill made on that map, and -5 points for every death of the player. If the points go lower than 0, the player will be booted out of the PvP map immediately without the chance to be Resurrected by a friend.

People within the top 10 rank of a map will have a graphic under their characters' feet. This graphics turn to a white colour the closer they become to rank 1. When rank 1 is achieved, then message 'TIME ATTACK!!' will appear on only the screen of the person who achieved the rank, and the game will begin to record the amount of time said player stays at rank 1 (also displayed for that player, but only for that session). This data is then saved, to be posted on the official site. Currently, iRO does not make use of this feature of the PvP arena.

All skills and items work in PvP arenas except the usage of Fly Wings and Teleport. 

To exit a PvP map, the player must relog, use a Butterfly Wing, be killed and respawn, or make use of another player's Warp Portal skill. There is no gate leading outside of the map.