GameGuide: Swordsman Class

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Swordsman Job Quest

1. You must be a Novice at job level 10 to change job.

2. Go to Izlude and head towards the right-most building across the bridge.

3. Inside the building, talk to "Master Swordsman" to begin the quest.

4. Talk to the "Test Guide" to read about the swordsman job test.

5. Talking to the "Test Hall Staff" will initiate the test.

6. You will be transported to a room where you will need to navigate through an obstacle course. Some traps will reduce your HP and some will cause you to warp you to an underground cavern causing you to start over. If you surrender or exceed the time limit, you will fail the test.

7. After completing the course, talk to "Master Swordsman" to your job to swordsman.