GameGuide: Thief Class

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Thief Job Quest

1. To begin your Ragnarok Journey. You are required to reach Job Level 10 for the Job Selection option to be available. Before selecting your desired job carefully read each job description for you to be able to fully understand what is it's purpose or mainly to have information about it because you will not be able to change this in the future. Once you have selected THIEF to be your job.

2. You will then be directed in the thief guild. If ever you got lost on your way:

◦    Go In Morroc Town, exit at the top left corner of the map to get to Morroc Ruins. From there, go to top left again to get into the Pyramid Dungeon, walk to the center of the map, go downstair and go into the room at the left to sign up to the Morroc Thief Test.

3. After you have signed up for the Thief Test, You will be given a quest to complete. Which is the SHIBU'S MUSHROOM FARM TEST!

4. You have to talk to Mr. Irrelevant to get warped inside the Shibu's Farm.

5. There are 2 kinds of mushrooms on the farm that you can collect; which are Orange Net Mushrooms and Orange Gooey Mushrooms.
◦    1 Orange Net Mushroom = 3 points
◦    1 Orange Gooey Mushroom = 1 point

TIPS:  You need at least 25 points to be able to pass the test. You may want to take off your weapon to attack faster.

6. When you collected enough, you have to go back to the Thief Guide and talk to Test Grader Comrade Brad.

7. He will see if you have enough points to pass the test depending on how many mushrooms you collected. If you pass, he will change you into a thief. He will also give you a little reward for stealing the mushrooms when you pass the test.