Game Guide: Training Grounds

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Ragnarok Online Malaysia & Singapore Beginner Guide

1. Welcome to the land of Rune-Midgard.

2. You will notice many things on your screen for the first time.

1.) Character information
2.) Server Status
3.) Skills / Shortcut bar
4.) Cash Shop Shortcut
5.) Mini Map
6.) Chat window

3. The first Non-Player Character (NPC) you will meet is [Sprakki]. She will show you how dialogue windows and basic game controls work.

4. Now, cross the bridge to the right. Left click on one spot (cell) or hold the left mouse click to move continuously.

5. At the other end of the bridge, you will see the entrance to the castle of the Training Grounds. Step into the portal by clicking on the cell.

6. Upon entering, move up until you see [Sprakki] again. Talk to her and get instantly get a one (1) base level boost.

7. Talk to [Sprakki] again and proceed to the Training Center. She will tell you to talk to [Instructor Brade].

8. Talk to [Instructor Brade] to proceed, you will then get one (1) base and job level boost. 

9. Continue with your discussion with him, he will give you five hundred (500) Novice Potions and basic equipment which you can use as your first set.

10. He continues with how to use items and equipment, and that using Right Clicks with other characters, items and equipment brings up options such as Party Invites and Item Details.

11. Once you have equipped everything Instructor [Brade] gave you, talk to him again and receive one (1) level boost to Base and Job levels again. He will also give you thirty (30) pieces of Novice Butterfly Wings.

12.  Instructor [Brade]  then continues to tell you about the Skills Bar and how to use it.

13. Instructor [Brade] will then ask you to talk to [Jinha] to acquire a new skill called First Aid. He can be found Northeast from where Instructor [Brade] is standing.

14. Return to Instructor [Brade] again to get new equipment, a Novice Adventurer Suit. He will then direct you to the room to his right and offers to send you directly over there or you walk.

15. Upon entering the next room, you will find four (4) NPCs. Talk to [Chocolat] to proceed with the next step of the training.

16. Talk to the following NPCs in the order given. [Kafra Agent], [Zonda Event Staff] and [Soldier]. Remember to read the information they discuss as these are the basics of the game. When completed talk again to [Chocolat] to receive experience points and fifty (50) pieces of Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation. She will then send you to the Training Grounds for the real combat.

17. At the Training Grounds, you will meet other players currently doing the same quests. You will also notice that there are now monsters at the field such as the Poring, Fabre, Willow and much more. You will meet Instructor [Brade] here once again, he will give you your first Hunting Quest and one hundred (100) pieces of Novice Potions.

18. From the information given earlier, press Alt+U to open up your Quest log, double click on the quest to bring up the details. Let's hunt a Poring.    

19. Porings are found all over the training ground and we only need to defeat one. Once this is done, go back to Instructor [Brade] to get your rewards.

20. Turn in your quest to Instructor [Brade] he will give you experience points and a new weapon, the Novice Cutter. He also tells you that once you reach Job level 10 you can change to your preferred job/class. He also provides you a summary of each of them so read carefully.

21. He will also state that each Job Guild has representatives to show a few of the capabilities available for each job. And each of them will have Instruction Manuals that players can equip as accessories to have the skills active.

22. There are also quests available in order to help you level up much faster rather than killing monsters alone. One from the [Merchant] guide and another from the [Thief] guide.

23. Another option to help gain levels more quickly is to change to a higher level of the Training Ground by talking to [Trainer] behind the Job Representatives beside the Potato Merchant.

24. Once you have reached Job level 10. You may now choose your preferred path as either a Swordsman, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, and Mage. 

Good luck on your adventures!

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