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Aigenta Exchange of November 2019

VALHALLA PROMOTION 2019-11-05 08:38:51

Have you ever received something awesome 'cause of a ticket?
It's back! Collect and use your Aigenta Receipts to redeem great items from the Aigenta Officer!

         • You can collect the receipts and exchange it to NPC Aigenta found in all major cities
Alberta (127, 70) / Morocc (128, 82) / Prontera (144, 107) / Geffen (109, 67)
Al de Baran (135, 109)

         • The Aigenta Receipt can be obtained from
Scrolls / Kafra Treasure Box / Daily Login

Collect now and get these awesome costumes!

Don't forget to collect your Aigenta Receipts now and redeem your rewards!