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Balancing Skill Adjustment: Bowling Bash

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-05-22 13:15:28


To all the citizens of Midgard,

   Please be informed that we will adjust the balancing of Bowling Bash Skill on next week's maintenance, May 28, 2020. Here is the detail about skill.

Balancing Skill Adjustment

 Skill: Bowling Bash [Knight Class]

Before:  Variable Cast Time 0.35 second, Single Skill Delay 0.3 second
After: Variable Cast Time 0.35 second, Fixed Cast 0.3 second, Single Skill Delay 0.3 second

Variable Cast Time: Cast Time that can be reduced by Dex, Int , item , equipment, card, and etc.
Fix Cast: Cast Time that can't be reduced by status and current equipment.


  For the reason we adjust this skill is to make it consistent with the new updates in the future. and, we will have more adjust balancing skills including other classes. Please stay tuned !!

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