[All] Brasilis Quest 3 | Guarana Candy

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-04-23 11:00:00

Guarana candy is a Brasilis traditional snack made from guarana fruits, but recently the guarana fruits have disappeared mysteriously. Let's unlock the secret and help the candymaker to find them.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  


  • 1 character can do the quest for 1 time Only!.



Base EXP Job EXP
200,000 100,000
Able to buy Guarana Candy

Guarana Candy 1 ea


Heart Of Brasilis 1 ea


1. Talk to The Candy Maker at Brasilis (coordinates 187,162), He will ask you to find Chetro.


2. Head to the 2nd floor of Brasilis Art Museum (coordinates 95,178), you will find ChetroAsk him about the guarana, he will tell you that guarana does not grow in Brasilis anymore.


3. Talk to him again and he will tell you about the Strange Kid, since he was born guarana can't grow in Brasilis.

4. Go to Brasilis (coordinates 201,68) and talking with Strange Kid.


 5. You will find something wrong with the kid, his sound looks like the animal.


6. Go back to Chetro and tell him about the boy. He refers you to find Magician Paje.


7. Head to Brasilis (coordinates 57,224) to find Magician Paje.


8. Talk with him and he will cast a spell on you. After receiving the spell, you can talk with the animals.


9. Head to Brasilis Field (coordinates 75,83) you will find Tucan. Continue talking to him until he gives you a feather and he will take you to the Jaguar.


10. Walking around the Jaguar, he will give you a meat and refer you to find the monkey.

11. Head to Brasilis Field (coordinates 243,51) and continue talking to The Monkey until he gives you a grape branch.

12. Go back to the Strange Kid at Brasilis (coordinates 201,68) and give him the items. He will give you a guarana candy.

13. Go back to The Candy Maker at Brasilis (coordinate 187,162). Now if you talking to him, you will be able to purchase Guarana Candy (4,000 zeny per one).

Behind the beauty of Brasilis, There's a lot of mystery surrounding the town
that waiting to be unlocked.

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