[All] Brasilis Quest 6 | The Song of Iara

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-04-23 10:45:00

Help Anori to save their young men tribe from being seduced by Iara the water nymph.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  


  • 1 Character can acquire and completed the quest once per day.
  • This quest will reset daily at 00:01 A.M. (UTC+8) 
  • This quest can be repeated.



  •  Heart of Mermaid 20 ea
    (Obtained from Obeaune, Iara)
  •  Leopard Claw 10 ea
    (Obtained from Jaguar, Baby Leopard)
  •  Ancient Lips 3 ea
    (Obtained from Piranha, Merman, Deviace)



Base EXP Job EXP
100,000 50,000

Heart Of  Brasilis 1 ea


1. Talk to Anori at Brasilis (coordinates 314,329). 


2. Talk to her, and bring her the items as follows

  •  Heart of Mermaid 20 ea
  •  Leopard Claw 10 ea
  •  Ancient Lips 3 ea


3. Bring her the items and claim your reward.

Behind the beauty of Brasilis, There's a lot of mystery surrounding the town
that waiting to be unlocked.

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