[All] Brasilis Quest 2 | Water Lily

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-04-23 11:30:00

This Quest is unraveling the legend of mysterious flower that Brasilis people also called as Water Lily

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  


  • You must have completed the Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest.
  • 1 character can do the quest for 1 time Only!.



  •  Banana 10 ea
  •  Coconut 5 ea
    [Both can be purchased from NPC Fruit Gardener at Brasilis coordinates 221,128]



Base EXP Job EXP
300,000 150,000

Lotus Hat that randomly insert card
(Leib Olmai, Dyrad Card, Leaf Cat)

Heart Of  Brasilis 1 ea


1. Talk to Botanist Karmen at Brasilis (coordinates 203,286), she will tell you about the water lily. You'll be asked to look for Marta.


2. Go to Brasilis (coordinates 274,151) on the second floor in the left room, you will find Marta, and she will tell you the story about naia and the moon.


3. Go back outside (coordinates 270,145) and talk to the Brasilis Girl you will find out that her name is Jasira and she will request you to find Jasi.

4. Head to the second floor of Brasilis Dungeon (coordinates 67,205) find the Recluse, he will tell you that he's actually Jasi.


5. Talk to the Water Lily next to Jasi (coordinates 71,200), but he will try and stop you when you attempt to pluck up the flower.

6. Give him the bananas but he will tell you to bring him a certain fruit and he needs.

7. Return to Jasira at Brasilis (coordinates 270,145) and ask her what fruit that Jasi is looking for. She will tell you that it is coconut.

8. Go back to Jasi at Brasilis Dungeon F2 (coordinates 67,205) and give him 5 coconuts.


9. Click on The Water Lily next to Jasi again and you will receive a lotus flower.

10. Take it back to Jasira at Brasilis Dungeon F2 (coordinates 67,205), you will receive the lotus hat that randomly insert card (Leib Olmai, Dyrad Card, Leaf Cat)

11. Return to Botanist Karmen at Brasilis (coordinates 203,286) and claim your rewards.


Behind the beauty of Brasilis, There's a lot of mystery surrounding the town
that waiting to be unlocked.

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