Don't BOT, don't CHEAT - Bot Policy Update

VALHALLA NOTICE 2019-07-24 11:32:32

"A true hero use his own arms and weapon to fight."

We are aware of the apparent appearance of the bots in the game.​

With this, we call upon the true players to stand against the bots!
From hereon, we will be more all ears to you and will be more open to check the suspicious characters reported.
There will be a daily update about the investigation result of the reports. ​

Consequences will not be light for those who will be caught and proven to be guilty.​​

On top of this, the aid of all guild leaders are much needed. We urge you to help in the purge of this common problem.
Change starts within your own. However, if the use of bots are found to be tolerated inside your guild, we will not take it lightly.​

This is a war against the bots. Which side are you on? Choose wisely.

Bot Policy
- Players who are proven to be guilty of botting will be banned.
- If guild leaders are found to be tolerating botting members in the guild,
there will only be 2 warnings before a suspension is given to the
*guild leader's account.
*1st Incident: 1st warning
*2nd Incident: 2nd warning
*3rd Incident: 1-year suspension of GL’s account
- Accounts that are suspected of being bots will be temporarily suspended during the investigation.
- Players who were suspended for this reason may speed up the investigation
by going to our Customer Service Live Chat and provide the necessary information for case clarification.