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[ALL] Dyeing Hair Piece System

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-03-04 17:01:00


    Change your hair piece color and be fashionable with "Dyeing Hair Piece System", Available NOW at NPC Yuko Yamatachi. Don't miss it!.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  


  • You can dye your Hair Piece by having these two items "Hair Piece Costumes" and "Luxury Dyestuffs"
  • You can acquire different Hair Piece Costumes from Mannequin Scroll (4,950 KP)

The Hair Piece Costume will update in other scrolls in the future.

REMARK about the costume obtained from Mannequin Scroll
 - New costume hairstyles in the lower location now will display incorrectly and it will overlap the other hat costumes. This issue will be fixed soon.
 - And also, there is an issue when "C Irene Hairstyle" and "C Seohyun Hairstyle" equip with "C Araragi Hairstyle" it will not display, this issue will be fixing in the next update.


  • You can buy the Luxury Dyestuffs from Kafra Shop (450 KP)


  • After you have both of the items, give them to NPC Yuko Yamatashi at 2nd floor of Eden Group. She will dye your hair piece to the color you want.


  • Players must wear the hair piece costume while talking with her.


  • After dying process complete, you will get the new hair piece costume with the color you choose.


  • Complete!, do you feel fashionable now? After this, you can always dye your hair piece costume just by wearing hair piece costumes and bring the luxury dyestuff to NPC Yuko Yamatashi.

Hair Piece Color Chart