[All] Endless Tower Event

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2021-01-07 16:20:00

   Endless Tower "A huge tower that scrapes the sky". It stands on a small patch of land known as the Misty Island. The Endless Tower is an increasingly difficult set of challenges. Participating parties make their way up the 100th-floor tower, with a special boss encounter.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil 



  • Event starts on: September 2, 2021 (After the Maintenance)
  • Event ends on: September 16, 2021 (Before the Maintenance)



  • This event will be held every month.
  • A character must be Level 90 or higher.
  • You must create a party before access the dungeon. (required at least 3 members)
  • After you have finished the dungeon, you can generate and access the dungeon again every 7 days.
  • If the player already accesses the dungeon also unable to create the dungeon by themselves again.

  • Player A [Leader] / Player B and C [Member]
  • Player A generates the dungeon and all party members access to the dungeon.
  • After finishing the dungeon [Player A / B / C] can't generate dungeon again at the same week. (7 days cooldown)
  • [Tip] Those who already access the dungeon can join another party to play again.

  • Player D [Leader] / Player A, B, and C [Member]
  • This week, Player A, B, and C used to access the dungeon, so they are unable to generate the dungeon again.
  • Player D never access the dungeon before, so Player D can generate the dungeon, and Player A, B, C can join the party for play in the dungeon again.
  • There is a 4-hours time limit to defeat the monster in the dungeon.
  • Token Of Siegfried and Resurrection Skill are allowed to use.


If you die or disconnect without other players in the dungeon,
it will be closed and you are not unable to access any more
so, better leave at least one player in the dungeon.



  • Talk with Captain Janssen at Alberta (214,77) and pay 10,000 Zeny, he will take you to Endless Tower Island.


  • You need to create a party before access the dungeon. (required at least 3 members)


  • After reaching the island, your party leader must speak with the Tower Protection Stone to generate the dungeon.


  • Then, talk with the stone again and choose "Enter the dungeon"


  • When you enter the tower, you will get Ashes of Darkness for 5 ea. (you can get only once per week)


  • This item will be used for re-enter the tower when you disconnect or die. 


If you not have Ashes of Darkness, you are unable to access the tower
and need to wait for 7 days to plays again.

Re-enter the tower will begin on the first floor.

The rest of Dark Ashes are unable to keep for use in the next week
of entering Endless Tower.



  • When you go into the dungeon, each floor will have monsters, defeat all of them, for continue to the higher floor.


  • When you reach the 100th Floor, you will meet the special boss "Entweihen Crothen", defeat it.


  •  When you have done, you can talk to Lucid Crystal.

  • When you talk with Lucid Crystal, you will be warped to 101st Floor, at the castle entrance.


  • Tip: You can restore your HP/SP at Life Spring that stands near the castle entrance.


  • When you are in the castle, there will be a monster around. Keep defeating it.


  • After you defeat all monster, "Naght Sieger", Big boss of Endless Tower will appear. Keep defeating it for finished the mission.


  • When you have finished, you can leave the tower by talking with Lost Soul.


  • [Optianal] Lost Soul can create [Two-Handed Sword] Violet Fear.


Twin Edge Of Naght Sieger (Red) 1 ea
Obtained from: Naght Sieger

Twin Edge Of Naght Sieger (Blue) 1 ea
Obtained from: Naght Sieger

  • You will send to the island, talking with the stone, and choose "Return to Alberta"
  • Another way to exit the island is re-login, and you will return to the last save point.







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