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Fight Night II - A Fight to Remember

VALHALLA EVENT 2019-07-30 09:24:06

 To all the brave heroes of Midgard, an exciting battle will start soon! 
Train your allies to battle with supreme excellence for Fight Night 2!

The Ragnarok Online MSP Fight Night 2 tournament is an exciting tournament between guilds battling out to get the ultimate title "Fight Night 2 Guild Champion".
Each guild will be required to acquire 56 team members to represent their teams. 


           • Start of Registration: August 2, 2019
            End of Registration: August 7, 2019 at 12 Midnight
           • Only guild leaders can register for their guilds.

            Click this link to register your guilds:

            Eight (8) Guilds of 56 Members will be chosen to compete in the tournament.
             > 56 vs 56 tournament < 
           • The tournament will commence in double-elimination rounds.
           • Matches are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
            One or two (1 or 2) Upper Bracket matches or two (2) Lower Bracket matches
              per schedule

           • Match schedules will be sent to registered teams as soon as they are certified
              and have completed the requirements for the match. 
              Guild roster will be announced to the public days before the first match.

           • Best-of-Three (3) games will be held for Upper Bracket matches
              and Best-of-One (1) game will be done for Lower Bracket matches.

            Finals will use a Best-of-Five set-up
            Winners' Bracket Finalists will have NO advantage.
            The tournament will be held on the following WoE maps: Kriemhild, Neuschwanstein,
              Leprion, and Arbor of Light.

              Must be a registered guild (Should have the Official Guild approval) 
           •  Guild Leader characters must be accessible and eligible for play.
           •  No two guilds can share characters.
           •  Guilds must submit a complete 56-member roster (including the Guild Leader)
              before being considered
              - Roster must be in a spreadsheet and should ONLY include all IGNs of characters.
              - Uploaded roster file must be sent in this format GUILDNAME_ROSTER

           • Changes in player line-up should be reported one day prior the event.
              Any requests after the designated date will not be entertained. 
              - To prevent issues in case of conflicts, guild leaders must provide a list of their
                substitute players. (Max: 4) 

          •  All registrations will be subject to evaluation guilds must meet an average member
   level of 85.


         •  Fight Night tournament matches will have a duration of 15 minutes. 
         • Guilds are given 10 minutes of preparation (such as strategizing,
            and gathering of members) before warping
         • The GMs will be advising the guilds on warping.
            The warping process usually takes 5 minutes.
         • Once the warping has ended, the match will start upon the GMs advice
            for the 10-second countdown.

            Match Proper 
            - Matches will have a duration of 15 minutes.
            - A ten-minute grace period will be given at the end of every match.
              Disconnected players can only be warped during this time.
            - The match will end if all the players of any team is completely eliminated.

            - For Best-Of-Three matches, first team to get two points win. 
            (To be implemented in the upper bracket)

            - For Best-Of-Five matches, first team to get three points win.
            (To be implemented in the finals match)

            - Single elimination will be implemented for the lower bracket.
            - There will be a 10 minute extension if there are players remaining
              after the 15 minute match. If the guild's score and member count is tied,
              a 1v1 deathmatch will be initiated.
              (Guild leaders can choose their champion)

           • The winning team of each night will be summoned to a secured area
              where Castle Treasure Boxes monster will be summoned.
           • The champion team's Guild Leader will receive
             Costume Burning Mask of Champions along with the Treasure Boxes.


Tournament Schedule is subject to change and
teams involved will be notified at least 2 days into their schedules.

Rescheduling will still be limited to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Mechanics and Prizes are subject to change without prior notice.