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How to join The Gangster event

ALL SERVERS NEWS 2019-12-13 05:19:03


* Remark: When you already create a party or join a party at the activity's site,
you can go leveling your character without
 joining the party in the game again.


   1. Log in to the activity's site (>> Click <<) , select your server, then click Create Party.
   2. Select your character (Must be the newly created character only), then click confirm.
   3. After created a party, you will see the code in the member's manage section. Copy the code and send it to your friends to invite them to your party.

   1. Go to member's management section, you will see the request in the right corner of the section.
   2. Click to the character's name you want then click accept and confirm.

   1. You can immediately disband your party, in case you do not have the party's members. But after disbanding once, if you want to do it again, you have to wait for 24 hrs. to recreate the party or join another player's party.
   2. You can not disband the party, in case you do have the party's members. You have to displace all the members out of your party first to disband.

   1. To displace your party's members, you will need 1 point of Party Management per 1 time displacing.
   2. Party Management Point can obtain from KP topped-up. (Every 10,000 KP topped-up, will receive 1 point of Party Management)

Remark: After topped-up, you may found an issue about
Party Management's Point delay receives.
It might occur sometimes and will take several minutes
then your points will normally show on the activity's site.


   1. Log in to the activity's site (>> Click <<), select your server, then click Join Party.
   2. Insert the code from the party leader.
   3. Wait for the party's leader accepting your request.

For Level 1-90 Character
    You can leave the party immediately but you have to wait for 24 hrs to re-join the other party or create your party.

For Level 99 Character
    You have to wait for 24 hours to re-join another party or create your own party. Please do remember that you can leave the party only up to 3 times. 

Note: Once you claimed the Level 99 Party Reward, you cannot leave the party anymore. However, you can still be kicked by the party leader, but they need to use their Party Management points.