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Guilds, assemble your troops! (Yggdrasil Sv.)

YGGDRASIL NEWS 2019-11-08 09:49:27

Assemble, snapshot, and win!

Gather your troops, take a snapshot of your team and comment it in our post
with the hashtag #PlayROYggdrasil and get a chance to win
wonderful in-game items from us!


              Server : Yggdrasil only
           Start of Promotion : November 9, 2019
           End of Promotion : November 15, 2019
           Announcement of Winners : November 20, 2019  

       Be creative in designing your screenshots! ;)
        In order for your guild to participate, your guild master or participant
        must comment your guilds name and group photo in our Facebook Event Post

         Details needed in the entry
1. Guild name
         2. Short caption for the entry (a few sentences on inspiration, concept idea, etc.)
         3. Using any other characters and assets from other games are allowed.

        Entries that would have the best and creative screenshot will receive the rewards!
         1. Ten entries (10) will be selected by the Electronics Extreme team.
         2. Ten entries (10) will be judged on the entries with the most likes.

**1 ID can redeem only once

       The team reserves the right to alter the event mechanics however and whenever
       deem required.
Is your guild worthy to win these prizes?
Guild leaders, assemble your troops and take your snapshots now!