How to do the Daily Quest

ALL SERVERS NEWS 2020-01-15 10:24:53

​​​​​​  How to do the Daily Quest  

  • Daily Quest require character level 30 or more.
  • Daily Quest can be redone every day at 10.00 PH Time (GMT +8)    
  • When event is expired, if you still have Daily Quests, the quest will be deleted.
  • If players are VIP, after finished Daily Quest, you will receive EXP 20% more from normal.

  How to do the Daily Quest  

   1. Talk with NPC MC Tiffany for accepting quest. She stand in many cities in location as following

NPC Location

NPC MC Tiffany
She is standing next to
NPC Kafra Employee in each town.

146 95
[New] Izlude
134 91
130 66
[New] Payon
188 104
111 54
[New] Aldebaran
143 113
152 97
[New] Umbala
104 158
189 152
[New] Yuno
148 187


   2. Choose “Daily Quest” and then choose “Accept Quest” to accept the quest to defeat monster Piranha and Iara, for amount 150 ea each.


   3. After accepting quest, you can warp to event location instantly by choosing “Go to Event Map” and then she will warp you to event location for free.


   4. When you complete the quest, talking with NPC MC Tiffany again and choose “Daily Quest” and then choose “Collect Rewards” for receiving reward.


   5. Amount of reward is different by 2 ways.

Normal player will get EXP 1,000,000 and Job EXP 500,000.
VIP Member will get EXP 1,200,000 and Job EXP 600,000 (Extra by 20%)

You can check detail for VIP here

Tips: If player have buff that is related to EXP amount such as Field Manual,
HE Battle Manual, VIP Buff, and including EXP* from game server,
you will get extra EXP bonus as their rate.


Warning: If players don’t finish quest within that day, and then finish quest
and send quest by tomorrow after 10.00 AM,
NPC will count as you already success the quest on the day you sent quest.
You will not able to receive quest and need to wait
for another day after 10.00 AM to receive quest.