[Quest] Ice Necklace - Summoning Ktullanux

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   The boss monster of the Ice Caves is the Salamander Ktullanux. He protects Thor's Seal should someone try to put out the magic flames. Players must complete a quest in order to summon Ktullanux.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  


Hammer [2] 1 ea
Obtain from: Buyable at NPC Weapon Dealer

Rough Wind 5 ea
Obtain from: Gryphon / Beholder Master / Galion

Scroll 1 ea
Obtain from: Buyable at NPC Scroll Merchant
at Juno Town (323, 280)



  • Talk with Sincere Follower Urstia at Rachel (157, 183)
  • She will tell you about the history of Rachel Town and give you Ashy Necklace 1 ea.


  • At Ice Cave Dungeon 2nd Floor (120, 105), talk with Man in the Ice and he will need your help to release him from the ice tomb.


  • Only Wind Hammer can break the Ice, Go to Rachel (265, 98), talk with Hamion.


  • You must collect the required material and bring it to him. he will make a wind hammer to break the ice tomb.


  • When you got Wind Hammer, bring back to Ice Dungeon 2nd Floor(120, 105) and use it for break Maheo from the ice tomb.


  • After breaking him out of the ice, he will give you Freezing Snow Powder 4 ea
    and your Ashy Necklace from your inventory will transform into Shining Necklace.


  • Turn back to Rachel Town and give the necklace to Urstia and she will give 700,000 EXP as a reward to you.



  • To summon “Ktullanux” you must release 4 Blazing Fires by using the item as follows.

1st time summon

Freezing Snow Powder 4 ea
Obtain from: Ice Necklace Quest

Redo summon
(Can be summoned every 2 hours)

Ice Scale 4 ea
Obtain from: Ktullanux

  • At Ice Cave Dungeon 3rd Floor use Freezing Snow Powder on Blazing Fire in the four areas as follow.
126, 126
172, 126
172, 172
127, 172

  •  After you release 4 Blazing Fires, MVP “Ktullanux” will appear in the middle of Ice Cave Dungeon 3rd Floor.


• Players can ONLY redo the release of "Ktullanux" every 2 hours.
• Once you redo it
, you need 4 ea of Ice Scales for release 4 Blazing Fires instead.


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