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Introducing the VIP System

VALHALLA PROMOTION 2019-10-29 10:30:17

VIP System
Improve your gaming experience, strategies, tactics and receive special services
when you purchase the
 Ragnarok Online VIP card!

    For players who will acquire the VIP Card can receive these special services:
          -  Warp to various cities
          -  Warp to dungeons immediately (without the need to complete quests for dungeons)
          -  Buff All Status Service + 10
          -  Buff Exp / Job Exp + 10% service when defeating monsters.
be used in conjunction with manual items to increase experience.)
          -  Buff  Drops Rate + 20%  (Can
be used with Bubble Gum)
          -  Buff service reduces physical and magic damage by 3%
          -  Heal service
to fully increase HP and SP
          -  You may opt to buy the MVP 7d and 30d box in our Cash Shop

(This MVP box is non tradable)

   Location of NPC VIP Employee  
City of Morocc, 154,97 City of Umbala, 90,159
City of Payon, 184,104 City of Niflheim, 205,180
City of Izlude, 134,94 Amatsu city, 102,145
City of Geffen, 122,62 The city of Gonryun, 156,122
Yuno city, 150,187 Louyang city, 224,104
Eden Group, 26,16 City of Einbroch, 244,205
The city of Alberta, 122,59 The city of Rachel, 107,136
City of Prontera, 146,92 City of Hugel, 96,168
City of Al De Baran, 143,117 City of Lighthalzen, 164,103
City of Moscovia, 225,191 City of Veins, 210,128
Ayothaya city, 209,169  


    1. Receive status buff (for 30 minutes, will charge 5,000 Zeny per time)

          -  Buff All Status + 10 service 
be used in conjunction with different types of status food due to showing
          overlapping results)

          -  Buff Exp / Job Exp service. Receive a 10% increase when defeating all monsters. 
be used in conjunction with manual items to increase experience points)

          -  Buff service,  reducing physical and magic damage by 3%

          -  Heal service to maximize HP and SP

          ***Note: Buff will be removed once your character dies

    2. Warp to all cities (Service Rates below)

          -  The main city costs 1,500 Zeny per time

          -  More cities : There will be a fee of 5,000 Zeny per time

          -  Additional cities (Asia zone) you will be charged 7,500 Zeny.

- The upper city costs 7,500 Zeny / time


    2. Warping service to various dungeons (Without completing the quests) 7,500 Zeny

Feel like a VIP when you purchase the Ragnarok Online VIP card!