[All] Level Up Event | Daily Mission

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2021-07-29 14:00:00

    The extra part of Level Up Milestone Divergent. Do the daily mission that will give you extra rewards!

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil 

  • Event starts on: July 29, 2021 (After the Maintenance)
  • Event ends on: September 30, 2021 (Before the Maintenance)

  • Limited only job class as follow. (Level must be 99)
    1. Ninja
    2. Gunslinger
    3. Super Novice
    4. Star Gladiator
    5. Soul Linker
  • To participate in event you must have Level-Up Daily Ticket.


Level-Up Daily Ticket
Using Level-Up Ticket 1 ea to accept the daily mission.

  • Get Free from Level Up Event Normal Reward Rank 99 (5 ea)
  • Get from Level Up Event Extra Reward Rank 99 (5 ea)
  • Top-up accumulate for 10,000 KP (10 ea) (Once per EXE ID)
  • Totally You can get Level-Up Daily Ticket 20 ea maximumly

Top-up now! ::  https://roextreme.com/msp/topup



  • Talk with Level-Up Staff at Eden Group (104, 38) to get the daily mission.
  • Using Level-Up Ticket 1 ea to accept the daily mission.


  • You will randomly get the daily mission from the list below.
Daily Mission  Amount
Collecting Turtle Shell 100
Collecting Orcish Voucher 100
Collecting Screw 100
Collecting Rotten Meat 100
Collecting Maneater Root 100

Hunt Freezer
Hunt High Orc 200
Hunt Geographer 200
Hunt Roween 200
Hunt Teddy Bear 200

  • When you have finished, return to Level-Up Staffhe will give Level-Up Key 1 ea as a reward.
  • This daily mission will reset daily at 5:00 AM (UTC+8)
  • You need to finish daily mission before accepting new mission at the new day.



  • Collecting Level-Up Key and bring to exchange with Level-Up Treasure Box (Eden Group 107, 38)


  • Exchanging reward require Level-Up Key and Zeny according to the various job (see the detail in the table below)



  • Bring Level-Up Weapon Coupon obtained from Level-UP Event to exchange with 1 free weapon.   


  • Exchange with NPC: Level-Up Staff at Eden Group (104, 38)
  • Remark: Level-Up Weapon Coupon will be deleted after event end, but the weapon will not be deleted.




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