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[ALL] Map Update | Dewata New Version

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-07-23 15:00:00


Exploring a new version of  “Dewata” A sparkling mysterious island secured by a tribal group known as the Jaty tribe, The island is known as the most preserved island equipped with their vast, rich culture and heritage.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  


Here are some changes and updates in Dewata map.

  • Added new item drop.
  • Added new NPC
  • Added new local quest
  • Added new items for exchange in Dewata event.
  • Added Billboard Mission.


  • Adjusted monster respawn rate in each map.
  • Adjusted Boss MVP status. (Leak)
  • Adjusted local quest reward.




A rainforest Island covered with trees and occupied by tribes group called the Jaty Tribe. Many travelers visit the island, for its unique flora and fauna, it's culture, to train, or simply to go on vacation. 


Upon entering the city, you would notice that the Jaty has preserved their vast and rich traditional culture. The tribespeople would also join in missions to show their intentions on building their confidence and becoming a great warrior.








● Dewata Field

Dewata field can be accessed from the northwest exit of Dewata Town. It is home to Alnoldi rafflesia, and Cendrawasih the bird of paradise. The Jaty Tribe Village can also be found here.



● Dewata Dungeon 01 (Krakatoa Volcano)

Home of the crawling Comodo and a legendary monster that roams the charred shores of Krakatau, known only as Leak. To enter this dungeon, you have to complete this Dewata Legend Quest.


● Dewata Dungeon 02 (Tina Grace Stalactite Cave)

You may enter this cave immediately via Dewata Field 01 (48, 65) which is the home of the legendary giant Butojio.






  • Dewata Event [New Version]
    Within the Dewata Island, there are the monsters equipped with Mysterious Kards which the adventurer can collect and exchange the precious item.

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There are several quests that you can pick up in Dewata as follow.

Main Quest
[1 character can do the quest for 1 time Only!]
NPC Quest

Kaysapa, Sage

Dewata Legend Quest
• Base EXP 500,000
• Job EXP 250,000
• Old Purple Box 5 ea
• Access to Dewata Dungeon 01

 Click to see the guide quest

Sub Quest
[Can be re-done every 24 hours]
NPC Quest


Help Out The Old Man [Repeatable]
• Base EXP 300,000 
• Job EXP 150,000
• Old Purple Box 2 ea

 Click to see the guide quest

Sub Quest
[Can be re-done without cooldown]
NPC Quest


Traditional Weapon Quest [Repeatable]
Reward (can be received only once)
• Base EXP 500,000 
• Job EXP 250,000

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Komodo's Hunter

Dangerous Dragon Quest [Repeatable]
• Base EXP 70,000
• Job EXP 35,000 

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Special only Dewata!
after sending the mission, you will get Billboard's Pass 3 ea

(more information about this item please stay turned)


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