[ALL] Map Update | Hugel & Abyss Lake - New Version

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2021-01-21 14:00:00

    Exploring the new version of "Hugel" The quaint garden village located in the upper northeast of the Swartzwald Republic. Because of its geographic location, the city of Hugel grew much different than the other Schwarzwald cities, being separated by both "Thanatos Tower" and "Abyss Lake", and off the dock is the "Odin Temple". Adventurers visiting Hugel can enjoy many different things.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  

Here are some changes and updates in Hugel Town

  • Added new field (hu_fild03 / hu_fild07)
  • Added Billboard Mission.


  • Adjusted monster locate and respawn rate in each map.
  • Adjusted monster status and item drop.



In the far northeast of the Schwarzvald republic, lies a small rural coastal village by the name of Hugel. Hugel is a quiet, yet festive fishing village, hosting a variety of activities for tourists, as well as hosts the Hunter guild. After and the airship route opened, Hugel’s peace and isolation has come to the end.


The citizens in this town are mostly fishermen and farmers. Each month, they celebrate the mighty sea god Poseidon for their bountiful harvests. This town is connected to Odin Temple, Abyss Lake, and Thanatos Tower.


How to go Destination

Airship (Juno)
Service Fee: 1,200 Zeny   


Billboard Warper (Eden Group 169, 187)
Service Fee: 4,000 Zeny  


VIP Employee (Only for VIP Player)
Service Fee: 3,500 Zeny







The lake's clear, pristine waters seem to run endlessly into the earth, and no one is sure of the water's actual depth. A quint island lies in the center of Abyss Lake, covered with dark, earthen rocks that appear purposefully arranged, almost as if to obscure something...


On Hugel Field 5 talk to the Column (hu_fild05 168, 303). Insert the Dragon Canine, Dragon Scale, and Dragon Tail, you will be warped to the cave entrance which is on the island in the center of the map.
















Tower of Thanatos is an abandoned tower which is said to be haunted by evil spirits. A long time ago, the Swordsman named "Thanatos" defeated the Demon King, and this tower was built to honor his victory.

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The Temple of Odin was said to be the place where gods held their important war meetings. Now, this ruin is heavily infested with monsters of all kinds and guarded by the ferocious Valkyrie.

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