[ALL] Map Update | Port Malaya

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-10-29 15:00:00

Explore the new version of "Port Malaya," a small village inspired by Filipino culture. Meet various monsters from the Philippine Folktale. Unravel the hidden secrets of the mystery in the town and enjoy local festivals that have many rewards waiting for you.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  

Here are some changes and updates in Port Malaya.

  • Added new item drop
  • Added Billboard Mission
  • Added new Exchange Event
  • Added new NPC 
  • Added new Instant Dungeon
  • Added new Pet Tikbalang


  • Adjusted monster locate and respawn rate in each map.
  • Adjusted monster status and item drop.
  • Adjusted local quest reward. (earn more Item, Base EXP and Job EXP)
  • Adjusted Pintados Festival Event. (can be participated without to do the quest)


Port Malaya is a small village you could reach by sailing southwest from Alberta. A long time ago the sailor was found an island and discovered various new plants, land animals, and aquatic lifeforms as well as modern technology from places within Port Malaya Town. After a story from that sailor has been spread around the towns of Rune Midgard, which details the strange discovery of a fishing vessel's crew that encouraged many traders and adventurers to make a voyage out to this wondrous place: Port Malaya.

There is a place of legend, where the spirits of nature mingle with the stuff of fairy tales. The people of Port Malaya have lived in peace for a long time, but a dark force is slowly creeping in, corrupting everything, and turning once harmless spirits into fearful monsters!

The Bangungot Hospital once housed the sick of the Malayans in Port Malaya. Unfortunately, as patients admitted to the hospital kept dying under the care of the doctors and nurses within. The deaths continued until an accident finally led to the hospital closing down entirely. Rumor has it inside the hospital is a place that Bangungot a vicious monster has lived and went around killing the patients and turning them into monsters.



No need to do the quest Destination

Optamara Crew (Alberta 237, 70)
Service Fee: 10,000 Zeny   

Port Malaya

Billboard Warper (Eden Group 169, 187)
Service Fee: 3,500 Zeny  

Port Malaya

VIP Employee (Only for VIP Player)
Service Fee: 3,500 Zeny (town) / 4,000 zeny (dungeon)
Port Malaya
Bangungot Hospital

MC Tiffany
(Available now until November 19, 2020)

Bangungot Hospital
Using item Destination
Inside-Out Shirt
(Dropped by monster in Port Malaya)
Port Malaya
Need to do the quest Destination

Hospital Door (Malaya 48, 76)
Bangungot Hospital

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● Malaya Field
There is a place of legend, meet a various monster that came from the Philippine Myth.



● Bangungot Hospital
After the hospital closing down entirely because of the large number of patients dying, this place becomes a haunted hospital that full of malicious monsters.



Agimat Tattoo a local accessory that the one who owns this tattoo will possess extreme power. You can get this one by participating in the Pintados Festival Event.

All items are tradable and can be placed in storage.
Bangungot Agimat Tattoo    
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Buwaya Agimat Tattoo
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Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo    
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  • Pintados Festival
    The Pintados Festival is a special tradition celebrated by the Baryo Mahiwaga tribe outside of Malaya. It's a holy event that has been held since ancient times. During the festival, special tattoos imbued with powerful spirits are etched onto warriors. You can craft special accessories there!

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  • Malaya Ticket Exchange (Now until November 26, 2020)
    Within Port Malaya, there are the monsters equipped with Malaya Ticket which the adventurer can collect and exchange the precious item.

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  • Tikbalang
    Tikbalang is a bipedal horse creature of Philippine folklore said to lurk in the mountains and forests of the Philippines.


There are three instance dungeon in Port Malaya as follows.

Port Malaya Instance Dungeon

Bangungot Hospital
Required Level: 90
 Cooldown: 7 Days

Bakonawa Lake
Required Level: 90
Cooldown: 7 Days

Buwaya Cave
Required Level: 90
Cooldown: 7 Days

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There are 14 quests in Port Malaya that divide into two categories (5 Main Quests) and (9 Daily Quests). If you still don't know where to start. We recommend that you must start with "Cautious Village Quest" because after completing this quest you will be able to complete the other quests in the next step. 

Here is a guide to do all the quests.

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