[ALL] Marriage System Renovation

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2021-02-25 16:00:00


       A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created. We are ready
to make your special day even better with the new Mariage System Renovation. Let's take a look at the detail!

 Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil 

       Experience a day of perfection with your beach wedding venue in Jawaii Island. Spoil yourself
with perfect beaches, drinking and meeting people at the singles bar, or reliving your honeymoon.


You can get a free teleport service to Jawaii
with Jawaii Guide at Prontera Church (97, 96)


The wedding service cost at Jawaii Island is 1,600,000 Zeny.


       The holy sanctuary of Prontera among beautiful cherry blossoms bloom into the season that
makes your wedding ceremony sweet as pink!


The wedding service cost at Prontera is 1,800,000 Zeny. 



  • Remark: for the couple that get married before this update also get the wedding gift too,
    just talk to Marry Happy and choose "Recieve wedding souvenirs"


  • Get free special costume "C Lovely Babe Chic" only for the wedding couples.


  • Get free Gift Box 30 ea after finished wedding ceremony.
    Be careful when receiving item souvenir because Gift Box 30 ea. have a weight 600, so if the player's weight is full, you might not able to receive Gift Box 30 ea.




  • Change The Wedding Ring style to be more attractive.
  • Engrave your name on the wedding ring when completed the wedding ceremony.


  • Get the new skills from the Wedding Ring.

When equipped get the skill as follows

Angelus Lv.10
Increases the DEF from VIT of all party members
on screen by 150% for 300 seconds.

Come to me, honey ~ Lv.1
Parent character summons adopted child
to a spot adjacent to parent's current location.

Loving Touch Lv.1
Restores HP of one's partner
by consuming 10% of one's total HP amount.

Undying Love Lv.1
Restores SP of one's partner
by consuming 10% of one's total SP amount.



  • Caution: Please avoid using character that has special letters name for weddings because the wedding ceremony might not able to complete.
  • A character must be level 45 or higher and both players must be in the same party.


  • Prepare items as follows.
  • All wedding items are buyable at Marriage Staff.

Groom Bride

Tuxedo 1 ea
43,000 Zeny

Wedding Dress 1 ea
43,000 Zeny

Diamond Ring 1 ea
45,000 Zeny
Diamond Ring 1 ea
45,000 Zeny

Wedding Bouquet 1 ea
12,000 Zeny

Wedding Bouquet 1 ea
12,000 Zeny

Service Cost
Jawaii  1,600,000 Zeny
Prontera 1,800,000 Zeny
Service Cost
Jawaii  1,600,000 Zeny
Prontera 1,800,000 Zeny
  • Talking with Marry Happy, choose "Apply for a wedding ceremony" and choose "Yes"
    to start the wedding ceremony. (NPC will take all Zeny and required item)


  • Important! You must put your character name correctly if you put wrong the process might be failed.


  • Be careful, when registration is done, the wedding must be complete within 3 minutes, If the time is out, your will fail, and you need to wait around 3 minutes to start the process again.
  • After registration completed, The Groom must talking with The King of Midgard and type the bride's name.

  • After that, The King will repeat the bride's name, choose "Yes" to confirm.
  • Then The Bride must talk to The King of Midgard and choose "Yes" to agree with marriage proposal.


  • The wedding ceremony will be complete and both of your costumes will be changed to the wedding dress.


  • Talk with Marry Happy again she will give you a wedding gift (see the detail in the section before)


  • You can engrave your name on wedding ring by talk with Marry Happy.
  • You must put your wedding ring in your character inventory while talking with her.


  • Wedding Dress will exist around 60 minutes, if you want to take off, you can use the command


  • If you want to wear a wedding dress again, you can buy "Reminiscing Book" at Marriage Staff.
    and your costume will be changed to a wedding dress again.





  • The character will be able to share EXP with both of their parents at any given level, as long as the parents are both 70+ and in the party together on the same map.
  • The character will become a small size which makes equipment or card that increasing damage to medium size doesn't affect in character, also [Pierce Skill] will only do 1 hit on Baby Character.
    [On PVP Map]



  • Unable to increase your status more than 80.
  • If character has status more than 80, when they become the baby character, the status will be reduced to 80, and status points will be returned.
  • Max HP and SP will be less than normal character by 30%.
  • The carrying capacity of adopted characters are lowered by 1,200.
  • Unable to change a class to 2nd Class, Transcendent Class, Ninja, Gunslinger, and Taekwando.
  • The success rate of creating potion from Alchemist Class will be reduced by 50%.                
  • The success rate of creating weapon from Blacksmith Class will be reduced by 50%.


  • A character must be level 70 or higher and must complete the wedding ceremony.
  • The character that will become a baby must be Novice Class or 1st Class only, unable to adopt 2nd Class, Transcendent Class, Ninja, Gunslinger, and Taekwando.
  • Both parents have to wear their wedding ring.
  • Invite the character that is to become adopted into the party.


  • After that, right-click on the character that you want to adopt.


  • The adoption accepts window will appear on the baby character, choose "OK" to accept.


  • After that, the character will become a baby character (get smaller) and you will receive special skills.
    (Re-Login 1 time for skill appearing)

Skill for Baby

Mom, Dad, I love you!
Parents will have no death penalty for 2 minutes;
Requires 10% of the child's MAX SP Amount

Mom, Dad, I miss you!
Summons parents to the child's location.

Skill for Parents

Come to me, honey~
Summons child to parent's location.



  • Going to Niflheim (166, 162) in the middle of the city, get in the house and go to 2nd floor.


  • You will find Deviruchi, talking with him.



  • Choosing "Yes, please do" (the service cost is 2,500,000 Zeny)
  • After finishing the process, NPC will take your wedding ring.



  • Adoption status will become the right to the parents that doing adoption, and that character
    will be unable to adopt another baby again.
  • Skill receive from the adoption system will still available to use for all skill.
    - Mom, Dad, I love you!                                
    - Mom, Dad, I miss you!                                
    - Come to me, honey~    


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