[ALL] Messages From Home

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-04-09 14:00:00


   A little kindness goes a long way. From the people going through isolation or lockdowns to the heroes risking their lives on the frontline to prevent the spread of Covid-19, let’s raise their spirits and send messages of encouragements to everyone who is going through these trying times.

   Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Make sure to stay indoors, maintain social distancing and practice proper hygiene. Let us do our own part in combatting the virus by keeping the community informed and being responsible with our actions.    

Players from both server Valhalla and Yggdrasil
can participate in this event.




Duration 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week Time
Start April 9, 2020 April 15, 2020 April 22, 2020 00.01 a.m.
End April 15, 2020 April 22, 2020 April 28, 2020 11.59 p.m.
Winners Announced
and Send Reward
April 16, 2020 April 23, 2020 April 29, 2020 After the

  • In your Facebook profile, participants must post a picture of themselves holding a board/paper with a message inviting other people to play Ragnarok Online MSP at home as a precaution against Covid-19.
  • The picture must also show that Ragnarok Online MSP is being played in the participant’s computer in the background.
  • A board/paper must fill the message "Please stay home and play Ragnarok MSP" or any phrase that invite people to join Ragnarok Online MSP and hashtag #StayAtHome #PlayROEXE #ExtremeCares
  • Setting your post to Public. In the post, you must fill these captions and hashtags.
Captions and Hashtags

1. "Please stay home and play Ragnarok MSP" or any phrase that invite people to join Ragnarok Online MSP.
2. #StayAtHome
3. #PlayROEXE
4. #ExtremeCares


  • Copy your post URL and submit your messages here: https://exe.in.th/Submit-Messages
        Please include the following information in the form. 
          ○ Account ID (No Password Required)
          ○ Character Name (IGN)
          ○ Server
          ○ Given Name and Surname
          ○ Mobile Phone Number
          ○ Email
          ○ Date and Time of the post.
          ○ Your Post URL
          ○ Your Facebook URL
  • Make sure you are satisfied with your entry before submitting, as changes to the post URL will not be allowed.
  • Entries that don’t meet these requirements will be disqualified.


How to copy Your Post URL
1. On your post, right-click
the time stamp on the post.
2. Click Copy Link Address.

How to copy Your Facebook Profile URL
1. Log into Facebook, then click on your
name in the upper left part of the screen.
2. Copy the Facebook Profile URL
in the address bar of your browser.

  • Each participant is permitted only one Facebook account per ID.
  • Only one (1) entry per Facebook account. Multiple entries will NOT be accepted.
  • If we found a suspicious program or any modified data on Ragnarok Online on your screen, your entry will be disqualified, and your ID will be suspended according to the rules of the game.
  • Any entries submitted that is infringing, offensive, immoral, obscene, pornographic, overtly sexual, profane, defamatory, or in violation of the rules will be disqualified.
  • Entries submitted outside of the participation period including entries linked to different accounts, will not be considered.
  • Participant who already received prizes or has an intended purpose to receiving items repeatedly in an inappropriate way, will be disqualified and will be suspended for 30 days.
  • Entry submitted that win the prize but was deleted from Facebook later, will no longer be considered.
  • The committee's decision is final.
  • We reserve the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

  • The prizes will be divided into 2 categories which are For all Participants and Lucky Draw Prize.
  • Each participant is permitted to receive the reward once per type.
  • Lucky Draw winners of each week will be selected via Electronic Raffle from the beginning of the event until the date raffled.
  • Winners will be revealed and also the reward will be sent to the winner's account though RODEX every Thursday after the weekly maintenance.

Reward for all participants
Get all item in the set
*Each participant is permitted to receive this reward one time.

Chance to obtain these awesome costume!


Chance to obtain these awesome costume!



Extra Prize! 10 Lucky Draw prizes per week
10 lucky winners from all participant will be selected
via Electronic Raffle to get all item in the set
* Each participant is permitted to receive this reward one time.

Chance to obtain these awesome costume!

Chance to obtain these awesome costume!

* Remark: The effect of C Poring Fruity Aura will be fixing
to show on the back of the character soon.


▪ Ragnarok Website :: https://roextreme.com/msp
▪ Download the game ::
▪ Forums :: https://prontera.net/
▪ RO MSP Community :
: https://exe.in.th/ROMSPOfficialCommu