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[ALL] Moscvia Quest 1 | Finding The Moving Island

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-05-21 13:00:00

Let's be a part of the new adventures by fiding the moving Island that will bring you to the unknown place where the unique creatures are living.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil 


  • Players can do the quest only during these times: 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (UTC+8)
  • 1 character can do the quest for 1 time Only!.



  •  Rusty Screw 10 ea
    (Purchased from Quest Machine at Mosovia coordinates 136, 52)
  •  Jubilees 10 ea
    (Purchased from Quest Machine at Mosovia coordinates 136, 52)
  •  Flexible Tubes 5 ea
    (Purchased from Quest Machine at Mosovia coordinates 136, 52)
  •  Strange Steel Pieces 10 ea
    (Obtained from Zipper Bear)
  •  Log 30 ea
    (Obtained from Wood Goblin / Wooden Golem / Stone Shooter)
  •  Tough Vine 20 ea
    (Obtained from Dryad)
  •  Antelope Horn 20 ea
    (Obtained from Antelope)
  •  Sea-Otter Fur 10 ea
    (Obtained from Sea Otter)



This Quest have a three-way to earn the reward as follows.

Way 1: Play the Gusli after having learned it.
Base EXP Job EXP
500,000 250,000
Access to Moscovia Dungeon

Old Purple Box 2 ea

Way 2: Play the Gusli without having learned it.
Base EXP Job EXP
300,000 150,000
Access to Moscovia Dungeon

Old Blue Box 2 ea

Way 3: Don't play the Gusli.
Base EXP Job EXP
200,000 100,000
Access to Moscovia Dungeon

Old Blue Box 2 ea



1. Head to Moscovia (coordinates 171, 71) and talk with Berbayeff, he will tell you about the Moving Island.


2. Head to Moscovia (coordinates 135, 49) talk with Mr.Ibanoff and listen to his stories.

3. Then, choose the option "Lend me your ship".

4. He will ask for some items to fix his ship.


5. Gather the items and bring back to him. He will fix the ship. 


6. Now you are on the ship with Mr.Ibanoff.


7. Start talking with him, he will command you to control the steering wheel.

8. Once he gives a command, click on the rudder and choose the direction that he told you.


9. To get the next command, simply talk to Mr. Ibanoff multiple times until the sea monster appear.


• There is no death penalty if you die.

• The monsters will disappear on their own after 5 minutes, but this part of the quest cannot be cleared if the player doesn't kill them.

• The monsters do not give experience or drop items.


10. You must kill them all to keep the ship running.

Monsters List that randomly spawn.
  For Level 21 or lower   Obeaune
 For Level 31   Marse 
For Level 75  Kapha
For Level 99   Kapha

11. Afterward, you will see a moving something mysterious, Oh!! that's The Whale Island.

12. After you've reached the Whale Island, talk with Strange Aged for three-time, he will send you back to Moscovia.

13. Explaining the whole story to Mr. Ibanoff. He will ask you to tell your story at Moscovia Palace.

14. Going to the Moscovia Palace (Coordinates 255, 140).


15. Inside the palace, talking with Prime Minister Dmitree and Char Aleksay III but they will not believe in your story.

16. So you decide to return to The Whale Island again and bring back the evidence.

17. Talking with Mr. Ibanoff to sail to the Whale Island.

18. You must repeat the sailing process again.

19. When you arrive at The Whale Island, talking with Strange Aged.

20. He will make a Gusli, if you provide the materials to him.

21. Return to Moscovia and gather the materials. When you have finished, talk to
Mr. Ibanoff, he will send you back to The Whale Island.

22. Talking with Strange Aged, he will make a Gusli for you.

23. Talking with Strange Aged again to choose whether or not to learn how to play the Gusli from him. It is highly recommended that you'd learn to play because you will earn a lot of rewards!

24. If you want to learn, you will need to speak to him multiple times until he tells you that you've become a master at the instrument.

25. Return to the palace and talk to Char Aleksay III. He will give you the reward.

26. You can now access to Whale Island any time by walking to the end of the dock, with the Gusli equipped in the accessory slot.

27. Talking with Stranger Aged on the island to be sent you to the Moscovia Field.

In Moscovia, There's a lot of mystery surrounding the town
that waiting to be unlocked.


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