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[ALL] Moscvia Quest 2 | Help Mikhail

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-05-21 12:00:00

Let's help Mikhail, The child that broke his mother's Matroska dolls, finding the high strength adhesive to fix them.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil 


  • You must have completed Finding The Moving Island Quest. Find out more click!
  • 1 character can do the quest for 1 time Only!.


  • 6,000 Zeny
  •  Medical Bowl 1 ea
    (Purchased from the Chemical Academy guild dealer in Al De Baran)


Base EXP Job EXP
500,000 250,000
Able to make a pancake

Jam pancake 5 ea

Honey pancake 5 ea


1. Head to Moscovia House (coordinates 203, 96).


2. At the 2nd Floors (coordinates 144, 279) start talking with Gallina.

3. Then, promise to search for her son, Mikhail.

4. Going down to the 1st floor (coordinates 205, 268) check The Fire Pot, and back to talk with Gallina again.


5. Talk with Anna (she stand near Galina) and choose "About the situation".


6. Go to the hotel in the center of Moscovia (coordinates  229, 208).


7. Asking Landlord about Mikhail and pay 5,000 Zeny to stay overnight in exchange for information about Mikhail. 

8. When you wakeup, ask Landlord about Mikhail again. She suggests you to go to the pub.


9. Go to the pub (coordinates 141, 212) and ask Pub Owner about Mikhail. He mentions Victor.


10. Buy a drink from the bar for 1,000 Zeny.

11. Then talk with Victor, who is hidden in the corner. He suggests Mikhail might have headed to the swamp.


12. Head to Moscovia Dungeon 3rd Floors (coordinates 153, 90) and check the Bubbly Swamp.

13. Turn back to the house, check the Fire Pot (coordinates 205, 268) and choose  "Look it over", then "Look inside the firepot".

14. You will find Mikhail, who is afraid to come out inside the firepot.


15. He will tell you his story that he broke his mother's Matroska doll, and you promise to get the paste for him.

16. Turn back to the pub (coordinates 141, 212) and talking with Victor again. You should gather materials for him to make the adhesive.


17. Return to Moscovia Dungeon 3nd Floors (coordinates 153, 90) and repeatedly check the Bubbly Swamp until you have collected 10 Sticky Herb.

Note: The swamp will sometimes yield kinds of herbs other than Sticky Herb.

18. After all of the materials are gathered, bring back to Victor and he will make the adhesive for you.

19. Turn back to the house, and give the adhesive to Mikhail.

20. Going up to the 2nd floor (coordinates 144, 279) talk with Gallina and claim your EXP reward!.

21. Going down to the 1st floor (coordinates 211, 258) talking with Larissa, She will make a delicious pancake for you.


22. Larissa will now make pancakes for you whenever you desire if you provide the necessary ingredients to her. Find out more click!

In Moscovia, There's a lot of mystery surrounding the town
that waiting to be unlocked.

Find out more: Click!

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