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Stage On Ep9 - Nameless Island and Abbey Dungeon

VALHALLA EVENT 2019-10-02 08:46:54

Nameless Island & Abbey Dungeon

An island that is only heard through myths and folk tales has emerged from the unknown.
Situated in the coast of Arunafeltz Peninsula, an island that appears charmingly in the daylight
but reveals its true appearance in the night time.



Nameless Island

  • Abbey Dungeon F1

  • Abbey Dungeon F2
  • Abbey Dungeon F3

Stage On Duration

October 2 to 30, 2019

Nameless Island, A forgotten small island situated in the coast of Arunafeltz.
Brimming with mysteries and tragic stories, it pulls daredevils to explore the island even more.

Complete the quest by clicking on the link below:

Once you've completed the quest, you can travel to
Nameless Island by chatting with the boat
situated at the Veins Field port (127, 131)

The island will be divided into two periods:

Note: When a player successfully completes a quest to enter the Abbey Dungeon,
Nameless Island will retain its night time permanently.

Within this island is a holy temple which was worshipped by villagers living in the island.
Abbey Dungeon now falls under an evil curse and it is not surprising
that it is quite abandoned and have fallen into despair.

A dungeon filled with ghosts, monsters,and demons... Brave men, be careful.

Internal map of Abbey Dungeon

Cursed Monastery F1

Cursed Monastery F2
Cursed Monastery F3

Monsters of Abbey Dungeon


       Monster in Nameless Island and Abbey Dungeon     
       with 100% Base/Job EXP and 20% Drop Rate boost       

  Monster EXP Job EXP Item Drop Rate  
  Zombie Slaughter 24000 17000 20%  
  Ragged Zombie 17000 11000 20%  
  Hellhound 8000 6000 20%  
  Banshee 34000 24000 20%  
  Flame Skull 6000 5200 20%  
  Ghoul 2176 1244 20%  
  Necromancer 90000 70000 20%  
Brave men, go forward but expect nothing in return.