Nameless Quest 3 | Nameless Island Entrance Quest

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The island that is only heard through myths and folk tales has emerged from the unknown. Rumors have brought its existence back after many years that it was buried in oblivion. This place shrouded with mysteries and a mist of tragic stories pulls the minds of adventurers who seek to satisfy their curiosity. It’s as if a voice is calling them. To you, a fearless warrior who dares venture the uncharted, heed this warning: once you enter, there’s no turning back.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  

  • A character must be Level 80 or higher to accept the quest.
Quest Prerequisite

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Base EXP 50,000
Access to Nameless Island / Abbey Dungeon


  • An Agent NPC will suddenly appear in the lower level of International Airship (airplane_01 94,59).
  • When you talk to him, he will tell you to visit Father Bamph in Prontera Church (prt_church 181, 106).
  • Note: Make sure you finish all the pre-requisite quests. If not, the Agent NPC will not appear.


  • Go to Father Bamph in Prontera. He will tell that an official is suddenly missing.
  • You will be instructed to talk to Larjes, an informant in Comodo.


  • You will see him in Comodo Casino which can be found on the lower part of Comodo (comodo 140,115). Inside, you will find an NPC named Ordinary Man (cmd_in02 174,89).
  • Turns out that this is Larjes. He will pull you aside if you talk to him and tell him Father Bamph sent you. Talk to him again, and he’ll give you information about his investigation and ask you to report back to Father Bamph.


  • Return to Prontera, to Father Bamph. You will have to repeat talking to him until he asks for your help. He’ll tell you to go to Rachel to investigate.

  • When you arrive in Rachel, go to the Rachel Inn (rachel 116,158). Proceed to the next room and talk to the Waiter inside. He will lead you to a table where he will recommend their today’s special costing 3,000 Zeny. 

  • After the waiter leaves, a conversation will be heard about a rare fish and some details about smugglers which will have you thinking of going to Veins. You'll receive 4 Seafood Combo once the Waiter comes back with your food.


  • Travel to Veins and enter the building on the left end of the city (veins 86,170), There you will find a troubled Al Hamad, the Magistrate. Ask him if he’s in trouble.
  • He will only dismiss you since you’re not from around. Talk to the Soldier near the entrance of the room. He will tell you about the smugglers being the problem of the magistrate.
  • Talk to the Magistrate again about it. He won’t give you any information unless you have a written order from a high ranking official.


  • Go to Rachel Sanctuary (ra_termin 278, 159) to ask High Priest Zhed about the Veins incident. At this point, the Veins Siblings Quest must be finished.


  • Talk to High Priest Niren who can be found outside the sanctuary (ra_temple 165,57) to inquire about the smugglers.
  • She will tell you about a monastery in Veins and will advise you to talk to the Magistrate, Al Hamad.


  • Go back to Al Hamad, and he’ll tell you what happened with their investigation regarding the smugglers.
  • Make your way to Veins tavern (veins 149, 217) and speak to the first Drunkard. He’ll babble about his fishing boat.


  • Approach his son Kid Karyn (veins 327, 185) and talk to him. Because you helped him in the Veins Siblings Quest, he’ll let you use his father’s boat to go to the monastery.


  • You’ll locate the boat in the south of Veins (ve_fild07 128,131). When you check it, Larjes will greet you. Talk to Larjes and use the boat to go to Nameless Island.


  • Once you get to Nameless Island, you'll have to do an investigation.  Find the Dead Crow (nameless_i 125,205) and click on it to investigate. You will be knocked out while investigating the Dead Crow.

  • You will wake up inside a house with Larjes. After he tells you what happened, a Zombie Slaughter will appear. If you try to get out of the house, the monster will attack you, so it must be killed for you to be able to get out. After you leave the house, the map will become Nameless Island (Night) map.

  • Notes: 
    - There will be aggressive monsters in the Nameless Island (Night) map. There’s an EXP penalty if you die here.
    - If you die in your encounter with the Zombie Slaughter inside the house, you will respawn without EXP penalty. If this happens, just go back to Nameless Island and enter the first house on the north path. Be cautious because when you enter the Zombie Slaughter will attack you without warning this time.

  • Continue with your investigation by going to the monastery which is at the center of the map (nameless_n 157,184).

  • Once you’re inside, go to the 2nd floor of the monastery and investigate the Books on the desk of Hibram’s quarters located at the bottom left side of the map (abbey02 223,68). It’s a personal journal of someone. You will receive Research Note once you finished reading it.


  • Go to the 3rd floor. In the top right corner of the map in a prison cell, you will find an NPC lying on the bed with a crown beside him, named Man (abbey03 232,233). If you check the body, the man will become a monster called Dead King and will attack you.
  • The monster will drop the Token of King once you killed it.


  • Go back to Larjes waiting at the dock to give him the Token of King.


  • Return to Father Bamph in Prontera and report the result of the investigation.

  • Visit High Priest Niren to tell her what happened. You will be rewarded with 50,000 Base EXP.


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