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YGGDRASIL EVENT 2019-12-01 15:10:27

Good day, dear adventurers!

Life is filled with surprises and here's the revelation you've been waiting for.
Yggdrasil, the server that brings life to the your gaming world is coming to you soon!

A world which is bewilderingly bright, fresh, and filled with hope in every detail.

Here's what to expect in the new server: Ragnarok Online Yggdrasil!

         Server Name: Yggdrasil
         Launch Date: 29th November 2019
         Country Availability: Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore
         Class: 2-1
         Major Change: Party Bonus System
         Remove Item: Snake Head and Peco Peco Hairband
         Remove Quest: The Sign
         Remove Dungeon: Geffenia


Who doesn't want free items?! Get a set of free items when you pre-register
in Yggdrasil 14 - 28 November 2019.


Leveling Challenge
Be the best of the best and win great rewards!

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/leveling-challenge

Level Milestone Rewards
Level up your characters and receive rewards for level milestones!

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/lvlupmygg

Daily Login
Enjoy daily rewards by logging in to Ragnarok Online Yggdrasil!

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/daily-login---november-29-to-december-31-2019-yggdrasil-sv


RO @ Parade Net Cafe
Get to play the newest Ragnarok Yggdrasil in your favorite cafe!

Details: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokOnline.com.ph/posts/1003106916689199




Kafra Yggdrasil Treasure Box
Collect points and exchange it for rare items in our Kafra Yggdrasil Treasure Box Event! 

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/kafra-treasure-box---21-november-2019-yggdrasil-sv

First Refill
Get an item for FREE when you top up with our participating partners in our First Refill event!

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/first-refill-promotion---november-2019-to-january-2020

First Refill (Special Edition)
Top up now and be rewarded with a special rare item in our First Refill special event!

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/flash-bonus-sale-40k--november-29-to-december-2-2019

Bonus Item for Every Refill
Receive a bonus item set for free when you top up with our participating partners!

Details: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/bonus-item-for-every-refill---yggdrasil





 Q: What is the Party Bonus System?
 A: It's a system which rewards each party member with more Party Bonus EXP
the more members there are in a party!

Q: Will I need to download a new client to access Yggdrasil?
A: No. Your current client will update and you should be able to choose
which server you wish to access.

Q: Will I need to register for a new account to play in Yggdrasil?
A: You can use your current username and password to play in Yggdrasil. 

Q: Do I need to topup/pay to play in the new server?
A: Like Valhalla, Yggdrasil will be free to play! You will only need to topup
if you want to buy something from the Kafra Shop.

Q: What classes are available in Yggdrasil?
A: When Yggdrasil opens, you may play and level your characters to 2-1.

Q: Will more classes be available in the future?
A: Yes!

Are you ready for an escape from reality?
Be ready to discover the server that will bring life to your gaming world!

▪ Ragnarok Website :: https://roextreme.com/msp
▪ Download the game :: https://tinyurl.com/playYggdrasil
▪ Forums :: https://prontera.net/
▪ RO MSP Community
 : :  https://tinyurl.com/ROMSPOfficialComm