[ALL] New Hairstyle Update

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-05-28 16:10:10


   Be more fashionable with 2 New Hairstyle updates for both lady and gentleman. Try it now!

  • Two new hairstyles update for the male and female characters.
New Hairstyle for female
New Hairstyle for male

  • To change to this new hairstyle, New Style Coupon is required.
  • You can purchase New Style Coupon Box (1,390 KP) at Kafra Shop.


  • After you got New Style Coupon, please bring it to NPC Hair Stylist, coordinates Morocc (129, 79) or Eden Group Headquarters 2nd Floor in Morroc (11, 185) to change your hairstyle into these new hairstyles.


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