[ALL] Old Glast Heim | Craft & Enchant

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2021-07-21 15:00:00

      Unlocked the new set of shoes for you, there are 6 types available and also can enchant the special effect.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  

  • Temporal Boots is unable to enchant but can be used as a material for crafting for Mortality Boots.
  • Temporal Boots is tradable and can sell in vendor
  • Temporal Boots can be found from the Level Up Event and can be crafted at Fujin at Glast Heim (185, 292)

Material Required
Elunium 25 ea Loyalty Blood 100 ea
Obtain from: Monster in Old Glast Heim
Oridecon 25 ea Shackle 1 ea
Obtain from: Skel Prisoner, Zombie Prisoner, Zerom
1,000,000 Zeny

  • Mortality Boots can be Enchanted on slot 3rd and 4th.
  • Mortality Boots is tradable and can sell in vendor.        
  • Mortality Boots can be crafted at Fujin at Glast Heim (185, 292)
  • The player can choose to craft Mortality Boots from 6 types.


Mortality Boots (MSP)

Str Boots (MSP) Agi Boots (MSP) Vit Boots (MSP)

Int Boots (MSP) Dex Boots (MSP) Luk Boots (MSP)
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Material Required
Temporal Boot 1 ea
Obtain from: Craft at Fujin
Will of Red Darkness
1 ea

Obtain from: Corrupted Root ,Gloom Under Night
Mortality Krystal
10 ea

Obtain from: Corrupted Root, Amdarias, Sub Mission inside Old Glast Heim
Magic Silk 10 ea
Obtain from: Kafra Shop
5,000,000 Zeny

  • Mortality Boots can be Enchanted on slot 3rd and 4th.

The process will start at 4th Slot > 3rd Slot respectively.

  • Talking with NPC Sindel at Glast Heim (188, 292)
  • Players must wear the boot while talking with her.

  • For Enchant 4th Slot, you can choose which option you want.
  • You will get enchant effect at level 1 and you can upgrade to max level 4.
  • Remark: When you pick a first enchant they need to stick on that enchantment
    For example, Fighting Spirit level 1, you can upgrade it with the Fighting Spirit until level 4 only
  • Upgrading Enchant 4th Slot has a chance to fail, and if it fails, the ranking will not be reduced, but you will lose Fallen Soul and Zeny as indicated.


  • For Enchant 3rd Slot, you will get random enchant.
  • Before Enchant 3rd Slot, you need to upgrade enchant 4th Slot to the highest rank.


  • Fallen Soul is important material to Enchant.


  • Fallen Soul can be founded from Monster within the dungeon or in Instance Dungeon Also can be founded from Convert.
  • You can bring Mortality Krystal to exchange Fallen Soul at Fujin at Glast Heim (185, 292)
  • Mortality Krystal 1 ea exchange to  Fallen Soul 1 ea. 


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