Patch Notes for 8 April 2021

ALL SERVERS PATCH 2021-04-08 17:00:00

  Here are some changes and updates after the server maintenance on April 8, 2021

     We are as excited as you are! With these updates, it will help you create more exciting journeys,
explore the game with its improvements, and get more items as you traverse in the world of Ragnarok!

Event and Promotion Will end on

[All server] Early Month First Refill

April 16, 2021

[All server] Endless Tower Event 

April 16, 2021

[All server] Happy Refill

May 6, 2021

[All server] Let's Shopping

May 6, 2021

[All server] RO Streamer Season 14

May 6, 2021

[All server] Level Up Milestone Rewind

June 10, 2021

Important Note

Everything Exchange System will be removed on May 6, 2021
and we will use Gachapon System instead.

However, Lucky Coupon still remain
and can be used to exchange Mileage Capsule

that using for exchange item at Gachapon Machine

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The winner will be revealed and the reward will be sent on
April 12, 2021





  • Fixed Gachapon System bug issue as follows.
    - Player didn't receive Costume when random at 20 times.
    - Player didn't receive OSM item when random at 200 times.


Now, when players have missed Unique 19 points and Legendary 199 points,
the next time you random, you will get guarantee items from unique list first.
and You need to play Gachapon again to get guarantee Legendary item.

  • Extend duration of Chance Up OSM item to April 16, 2021.


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  • Changed Login Screen.

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  • Changed Loading Screen. (Artwork from Loading Screen Contest Season 4)




  • [ALL] Bomb Bayahh! Event (Extended to April 13, 2021)
    Are you ready for the challenge? let's avoid the explosion to survive as long as possible and win the special rewards.

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  • [ALL] Old But Gold Event Season 5 (April 8 - 16, 2021)
    Even though Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, and Old Card Album are classic, but is still regarded as having aged well and still being valued. Don't miss the chance to get a special added items when you open Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, and Old Card Album during the event.

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  • [All] Comeback Stage EP.16.1 | Tail (April 8 - 22, 2021)
    Meet our comeback stage challenge "Tail" that will give you double experience points when hunted down. Starting now until April 22, 2021

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Enjoy the game with these cool updates!

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