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Patch Notes for 13 August 2020

ALL SERVERS PATCH 2020-08-13 18:00:00

Here are some changes and updates after the server maintenance August 13, 2020

     We are as excited as you are! With these updates, it will help you create more exciting journeys, explore the game with its improvements, and get more items as you traverse in the world of Ragnarok!

Event and Promos Will end on

[All server] Early Month First Refill

Aug 20, 2020

[All server] Bonus Item Every Refill

Sep 3, 2020

[All server] Let's Shopping

Sep 3, 2020

[All server] Aigenta Exchange

Sep 3, 2020

[All server] Ro Streamer Season 6

Aug 27, 2020

[All server] Level Up Milestone | 2nd Class

Aug 27, 2020

[All server] Level Up Milestone | Transcendent Class

Aug 27, 2020

[All server] Boost up! | 2nd Class

Sep 24, 2020

[All server] Boost up! | Transcendent Class

Sep 24, 2020

  • [All] Billboard Mission - Improvement Version
    We give you more ways to leveling by receiving missions from the Billboard in each town. The best way to gain experience faster! Also, you can do the mission all day every day! So why wait? Go get the mission now!

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  • [ALL] Hairpiece Dresser - Hairstyle Update
    Switch up your hairstyle and be fashionable with the new service "Switch hairpiece location", Available NOW at NPC Yuko Yamatachi. Don't miss it!.

C Araragi Hairstyle (Middle <-> Lower)




(Milk Tea)





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  •  Added Lutie Billboard.


  •  Added Nifflheim Billboard.


  • Added Luite and Nifflheim Warper at Eden Group.


  •  Added special effect on C Sakoi Raider and C It's MVP.



  • Adjusted VIP Box price.
Item Price


1,500 KP
1,390 KP


2,490 KP


5,000 KP
3,990 KP

  • Adjusted VIP Buff Service cost. (From 5,000 to 3,000 Zeny)


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  • Removed Color Stone from character.
Time Stone
[Green Team]
Space Stone
[Blue Team]
Reality Stone
[Red Team]
Mind Stone
[Yellow Team]
  • Removed Treasure Kard and Treasure Key from character.




  • [All] Geffenia Farm Time (August 13 - 27, 2020)
    Geffenia is a legendary lost kingdom of elves, protected by the magic of the orb of Vanar. Inside the dungeon are filled with strong monsters that drop the useful and pretty expensive item, some of them can be encountered only in this dungeon. During the event, you can access the dungeon without to do quest. Why don't you try once?

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  • [ALL] Comeback Stage 8.1 | Playing With Fire (August 13 - 27, 2020)
    Meet our comeback stage challenge "Playing With Fire" that will give you double experience points when hunted down. Starting now until August 27, 2020

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  • [All] Socket Enchant Event | Mad Cony Shield (August 13 - September 3, 2020)
    Special Time! you can add a socket to your Mad Cony Shield with 100% success rate during the event. What are you waiting for? head to NPC Piercing Expert at Eden Group now.

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  • End sale Divine Shine Scroll
  • End sale Celebration Cube


  • Power of Mad Scroll (450 KP) (Now until September 10, 2020)

Chance to obtain these awesome equipments!

Lui Kang Sash's Effect


Enjoy the game with these cool updates!

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▪ Download the game:: https://exe.in.th/msp-client-download
▪ Forums:: https://prontera.net/

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