Patch Notes for 26 November 2020

ALL SERVERS PATCH 2020-11-26 14:00:00

 Here are some changes and updates after the server maintenance on November 26, 2020

     We are as excited as you are! With these updates, it will help you create more exciting journeys, explore the game with its improvements, and get more items as you traverse in the world of Ragnarok!

Event and Promotion Will end on

[All server] War Of Emperium All Kill | EP.3

Nov 28, 2020

[All server] Happy Refill

Dec 3, 2020

[All server] Let's Shopping

Dec 3, 2020

[All server] RO Streamer Season 9

Dec 3, 2020

[All server] Mid-Month First Refill

Dec 3, 2020

[All server] Comeback Stage 11.1

Dec 3, 2020

[All server] Hide And Seek

Dec 4, 2020

[All server] Ice Inferno Exchange Event 

Dec 24, 2020

[All server] Level Up Milestone | The Specialist

Dec 24, 2020

Important Note

Due this week, we have Geffenia Farm Time event
the drop rate booster from Friday Night Event will not running
for keep balanced in-game economy.


Are you ready for the new challenge?
Endless Tower Event is coming on December 3, 2020


  • [ALL] MVP Renovation
    Let's make your MVP hunting experience more fun with "MVP Renovation" earn more exp, earn more rare items than ever before, coming with the new "MVP Exchange System" the chance to win some massive prizes is here!

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  • [ALL] Costume Enchant System
    Introducing the latest system update "Costume Enchant". Be fashionable and powerful
    at the same time by adding a special effect to your favorite costume. Don't miss it!.

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  • Added Fire Cracker for sale at NPC Tool Dealer.



  • Adjusted amount of monster at Vein Field 3 as follows.
    - Stapo from 90 to 80
    - Magmaring from 15 to 80



  • Fixed amount of exp that receive form goat mission. (from 555,900 to 671,400)

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  • Changed Loading Screen. (Artwork from Loading Screen Contest Season 2)






  • Removed special effects of C Lude Boy and C Gangar's Soul.



  • [ALL] Kard Trader Event - Season 2 (Nov 26 - Dec 17, 2020)
    The chance to acquire a new better card is here!. Bring your unwanted card to exchange and randomly turn it into the new one at Kard Machine. If you are tired of the old card, head to Eden Group and exchange now.

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  • [ALL] Geffenia Farm Time (Nov 26 - Dec 3, 2020)
    Geffenia is a legendary lost kingdom of elves, protected by the magic of the orb of Vanar. Inside the dungeon are filled with strong monsters that drop the useful and pretty expensive item, some of them can be encountered only in this dungeon. During the event, you can access the dungeon without to do quest. Why don't you try once?

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  • [ALL] Port Malaya | Ticket Exchange Event (Adjusted to permanent event)
    Special event at Port Malaya, Bring Malaya Ticket that obtains from local quest for random and exchange the precious item.

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  • [All] Homunculus Event (Adjusted to permanent event)
    Meet the special event "Homunculus Event" get an item that allows you to use all of the skills for create a Homunculus without to do the quest.

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Enjoy the game with these cool updates!

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