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Patch Notes for 29 April 2020

ALL SERVERS PATCH 2020-04-29 15:01:00

Here are some changes and updates after the server maintenance April 29, 2020

     We are as excited as you are! With these updates, it will help you create more exciting journeys, explore the game with its improvements, and get more items as you traverse in the world of Ragnarok!

     Since the WOE will occur today's evening, and due to the weekly maintenance, so we decide that the Kill This Boss event will be canceled today. But don't worry! You can still join the last event on May 3, 2020, and we will increase the number of winners to make sure that everyone can have fun and get the freebies!

Event and Promos Will end on

[All server] Comeback Stage EP 4.2 | Dun Dun


[All server] Level Up Milestone | Ninja x Gunslinger


[All server] Boost up! | Ninja x Gunslinger


[All server] Catallena on the Beach

  • Removed destination choices to Einbroch and Lighthalzen at Kafra Employee from Yggdrasil server. 
  • [ALL] Billboard Mission Asia Town Update
    The best way to gain experience faster! In this week, you are available to get the mission at the 4 Asia Town Billboards; Ayothaya, Gonryun, Louyang and Amatsu!

Find out more: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/billboard-mission


  • Removed effect of Lance and Cinquedea that obtain from Crusader and Super Noive Boost up event.


  • Adjusted NPC Dialogue about eliminating monsters in Training Ground. 
  • Fixed the Eremes Card item image and enable the card features.
  • Fixed destination coordinates to Billboard Brasilis at Billboard Warper in Eden Group to not overlap with the board sign.
  • Adjusted Brasilis Local Quest to reset every midnight.

Find out more: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/brasilis-local-quest

  • End of Seasonal Headgear Season 1 Event, removed the quest from all character and increased the amount of required Magic Silk for crafting Anaconda Head and CD In Mouth from 100 to 150.

Event link: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/seasonal-headgear


  • Added destination choices to Ayothaya, Gonryun, Louyang and Amatsu to Global Billboard Warper in Eden Group. 


  • Added a text box to Billboard Brasilis to make it more obvious to notice.


  • Added new item list that available to desocketing card.
Existing Items Newly Added Items
  Spoon   Night Wolf Shawl
  Pale Moon Hat   Night Raven Shawl
  Chain Mail   Scorpion Chain
  Plate Armor   Erron Black Glove

Find out more: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/card-desocket-system

  • [ALL] Costume Lucky (April 29 - July 30, 2020)
     Costume Exchange System Update! with the special event "Costume Lucky". Get the chance to win the awesome prize!

Find out more: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/costume-lucky-april2020

  • [ALL] RO Streamer Season 3 (April 29 - May 28, 2020)
     Let's show the world how proud you are as hero of Midgard! Stream the game, gather your audience, then get rewards!

Find out more:

  • [ALL] Early Month First Refill (April 30 - May 14, 2020)
     It's gonna be another exciting promotion with Cherry Credits, EXcash, and Razer Gold, you will get a special item for free!

Find out more:

  • [ALL] Bonus Item Every Refill (April 30 - May 28, 2020)
     For every 10,000 KP Topped up with EXcash, Razer Gold, or Cherry Credits, you will receive a bonus item set for free!

Find out more:

  • [ALL] Kafra Reward (April 30 - May 28, 2020)
     Every 100 Kafra Point spent from "Kafra Shop", could be redeem as Reward Item! Starting now until May 28, 2020!

Find out more:

  • End of Sale: Removed Glove of Lycan Scroll from Kafra Shopz
  • End of Sale: Blue Potion Box and Starting sell Sexy Blue Potion Box instead. 

 Sexy Blue Potion can be stacked 
  and weight is lighter than blue potion (Weight 9) 


For players who have purchased Sexy Blue Potion Box
and found that the items do not merge into one stack.
You can combine items without any fee by talking to NPC "Mergician"
at Prontera Town and choosing "Mer..Merg, Merrrrrgee !!!"


  • Sexy Blue Potion Box  (75 KP)


  • Preverse Clip (3,500 KP)


  • Dreamcatcher Scroll (4,950 KP) (April 29 - May 28, 2020)

Chance to obtain these awesome Costume!

Click to show the costume preview in Mannequin Scroll

Chance to obtain these awesome costume!


  • Soul of Owl Scroll (450 KP)

Chance to obtain these awesome equipment!


  • The effect of C Poring Fruity Aura and C Abracadabra will be fixed to show on the back of the character in the next maintenance on May 7, 2020.


Enjoy the game with these cool updates! 

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