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Patch Notes for 2 October 2019

VALHALLA PATCH 2019-10-01 15:03:45


Here are some of the changes and updates
the server maintenance - October 2, 2019

 First Refill
            Receive special items for free when you top up
             with EXCash, Razer Gold, or Cherry Credits!


 Bonus Item for Every Refill
            Receive a bonus item set for free for every 10,000 KP top up
             with EXcash, Razer Gold, or Cherry Credits!


 Kafra Premium Limited Edition Treasure Box
            Collect points and exchange for rare items in this
            limited edition Kafra Premium Treasure Box!



 Fixed the item description of Yellow Slim Potion

            The description of the Yellow Slim Potion was fixed.
weight is 2 instead of 3

            The weight for the Neuralizer Box was fixed in the item description.
            The "Weight: 0" was removed, and the correct weight is 1.

 New Map: Nameless Island
            The island that is only heard through myths and folk tales
             has emerged from the unknown.


Removed Scroll from Cash Shop
            Blue Fairy Scroll (Priced at 450 KP) was removed from the cash shop.
(Was on sale from September 4 to October 2)

Added to Cash Shop
            Frenzy Falcon Scroll was added in the cash shop for 450 KP.
(For sale until November 6, 2019)

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Enjoy the game with these cool updates!