Ragnarok Customer Support

Patch Notes for 24July 2019

VALHALLA PATCH 2019-07-23 11:07:28


  • Implemented Platinum Skills:
    Alchemist - Elemental Resist Potion Creation
    Assassin - Throw Venom Knife & Sonic Acceleration
    Bard - Pang Voice
    Crusader - Shrink
    Dancer - Wink of Charm
    Monk - Ki Translation & Ki Explosion
    Priest - Redemptio
    Rogue - Close Confine

  • Fixed Beer Cap Issue
    All Beer Caps that were acquired through the Cat Scroll will be deleted,
    and the fixed item will be sent again to your RODEX


  • Removed Item from the Cash Shop:
    Lucifer Scroll
    Splash Scroll
    Poring Bag Scroll

  • Added Item to the Cash Shop
    Dark Sword Scroll
    Angel Scroll
    Dark Wing Scroll