Ragnarok Customer Support

Patch Notes for 31 July 2019

VALHALLA PATCH 2019-07-30 08:08:47

Here are some of the changes and updates which took place
during the server maintenance
July 31, 2019


              Remove Event
                         Reset Status Event

               Costume Subject Aura
                          Changed status from Not Tradable to Tradable
               Change Currency
                          • From ROK to KP

               Added item to the Cash Shop

Scroll of Flame - 400 KP

Chance to get the Costume Flame Muffler

Shiba Inu Scroll - 400 KP

Chance to get Costume Shiba Dog

Mofu Costume Scroll - 5000 KP

Chance to get Costume Mouton Life (Blue)

Chance to get Costume Sheep Hat

Chance to get Costume Rune Helm

Chance to get Costume Shaving Foam

Chance to get Costume Piggyback

               ●  Removed Item from to the Cash Shop
                                 Dark Sword Scroll
Angel Scroll
Dark Wing Scroll
Reset Stone Box
Fashion Set Box
Level Up Set Box
Travelling Set Box

Enjoy the updates and see you in game!