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Patch Notes for 7 August 2019

VALHALLA PATCH 2019-08-01 09:21:49

Here are some of the changes and updates which took place
during the server maintenance
 August 7, 2019


              Add Event 
                         Event Stage on EP8: Thor and Veins (Temperature Rising)

Dabble in the new map and defeat fire-like monsters in this brutal dungeon.

       Update New Map, Dungeon and Monster
                      Town & Field: Veins and Moscovia

      Thor Volcano and Veins Town     

Thor Volcano is known for fire type monsters and the monster "Ifrit". Veins town, a canyon village, is also known for its wonderfully smelling soap.

                   •  Dungeon: Thor Volcano & Moscovia Dungeon

      Moscovia Town and Dungeon     

Moscovia is an island filled with people who greet you warmly.
It's also known for the "Finding the Moving Island quest" and the monster Gopinich.

               Fixed item description of Koneko Hat
                                  Removed Item Description "This item is Account bound"

               Add item description for Resist Potions
                                  Potion Duration


               Added item to the Cash Shop
                                 • Imp Hat 4,000 KP

                                 • Ears of Ifrit 4,000 KP


                                 • Ifrit Scroll 400 KP


               ●  Removed Item from to the Cash Shop
                                 Scroll of Flame
Shiba Scroll
Mofu Costume Scroll
                                       • Scroll of Winged Glass
                                         • Valkyrie Circlet Scroll
                                           • Scroll of Blue Hair of Strong 

Enjoy the updates and see you in game!