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Player Ban List August 19 to 25, 2020

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-08-27 02:47:28

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Protect what you love.

"Our mission is to deliver a fair and enjoyable gameplay for every hero in Ragnarok Online."

To mitigate the appearance of bots in our community
which affects gameplay, trades, and competition,
we are reinforcing heightened security to ensure protection
in the lands of Valhalla.

Player ban list for August 19 to 25, 2020

Number of players banned

August 19 48
August 20 21
August 21 63
August 22 63
August 23 21
August 24 9
August 25 35



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*NOTE: Total number of banned players may vary from the updated ban list.

Number of players banned from January 2019 onwards
Number of players banned in 2019 
January 955
February 337
March 609
April 354
May 670
June 632
July 1,171
August 3,058
September 3,389
October 2,071
November 5,821
December 4,133
Number of players banned in 2020 
January 6,428
February 5,519
March 2,872
April 2,905
May 3,969
June 2,970
July 4,520
TOTAL 52,383

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