Ragnarok Champions League 2020 | Season 1

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-07-20 18:00:00

“In the world where heroes and warriors unite to form strong bonds and strong guilds,
 who among them has the power to rule overall?

The time is upon us. Lead and rally your troops to command and conquer.
Perform your best tactics and prevail in the lands of Midgard. The siege of the year has come.
There’s no room for mistakes. Everything will be at stake.

Can you prove your worth in Ragnarok Champions' League?”





The competition will be divided into 2 seasons.
Each season will find the top 2 rank form each server
to be the representative team in RMSPC 2020.

  • This competition will be divided into 2 seasons.
  • The Top 2 rank from each server (Valhalla / Yggdrasil) total 4 guilds will be considered as the winner in this season.
  • The winner from each season will get a cash prize, free cash, special costume and become the representative team to RMSPC 2020 competition.
  • Remark: The cash prize will be paid in U.S. dollars.



  • Server Valhalla: August 1 - 19, 2020
  • Server Yggdrasil: August 3 - 17, 2020


  • For Ragnarok Champions League, guild alliances are disabled.
  • In order to participate, the guilds must join the guild war (WOE1 and  WOE2) with the aim of capturing castles by the end of the event according to announced WOE Schedule.
  • Each castle has an equivalent point based on the scoring system in the section below.




  • Get a special point and special prize when completing the bingo pattern.
  • To achieve the ROMSP Bingo Bonus Points, a guild must form the word ROMSP in HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL or DIAGONAL pattern similar to a BINGO Game
    (please see pattern below)
  • All patterns apply Only to WOE1 as indicated in agit points and schedule table.
  • A single guild can Only acquire bingo bonus points once per pattern.
    (1 Horizontal, 1 Vertical and 1 Diagonal)
  • Each bingo pattern will give a bonus point as follows.
    Vertical Patterns: +10 Points
    Diagonal Patterns: +15 Points
    Horizontal Patterns: + 25 Points
  • All 3 patterns can either be done in one realm or in other realms.
  • Duplicated patterns will not be considered and no points will be given.
  • Note: Despite capturing all 5 castles, only the lowest score will be considered



• Each realm includes 5 castle and each castle refers to the letter for bingo pattern as follows. 

• Castle 1 refers to R letter.

• Castle 2 refers to O letter.

• Castle 3 refers to M letter.

• Castle 4 refers to S letter.

• Castle 5 refers to P letter.

• Can Only acquire bingo bonus points once per pattern.
(1 Horizontal, 1 Vertical and 1 Diagonal)



Vertical Patterns
+10 Points (can acquire one time only)


Diagonal Patterns
+15 Points (can acquire one time only)


Horizontal Patterns
+ 25 Points (can acquire one time only)



  • If a guild has captured more than one (1) castle, the points to be considered will come from the castle with the lowest score.
  • This rule applies to both competition season 1 and season 2.

Example: Scenario 1

Scenario 1:

  • The Points that will be counted are prtg_cas03 (1 point) because it has the lowest score among the 3 castles that the guild has captured.
  • Guild A gets only 1 point for that day.
  • The higher Points Castle (aldeg_cas01 & payg_cas05) will still be considered captured by Guild A for the “ROMSP Bingo Bonus Points” but the points will be considered as VOID.


Example: Scenario 2

Scenario 2:

  • The Points that will be counted is 4 points since both payg_cas02 & gefg_cas03 has the same score.
  • Guild A gets only 4 points for that day.
  • Both payg_cas02 and gefg_cas03, including the higher point castle prtg_cas04 will all be considered as captured by Guild A for the “ROMSP Bingo Bonus Points”


  • The TOP 2 rank from each server (Valhalla / Yggdrasil) will be considered the winner. (Normal Agit Points + Bingo Pattern Points)
  • The Guilds who won in season 1 will NOT be considered and allowed to join and win again in Season 2. If in case the winner of Season 1 participated in Season 2 and won, the guild in the next rank will be considered the winner for season 2.
  • Tie Breaker: If 2 or more guilds are tied with the same score at the end of each season, a tie-breaker WoE extension (1 WoE Schedule and Agit Points) will be announced with same mechanics as above. The Guilds with tied score will compete against each other and whoever has the highest score at the end of the Extension WoE will be considered the Winner.



  • If the guild leader owns a castle and disbands the guild outside of the guild war period (WOE) with the intention of transferring the castle ownership to another guild, the guild leader may face permanent ban as a sanction.
  • If a guild takes over a castle outside of the guild war period (WOE), the acquisition of the specific castle will not be considered.



  • Any violation of Ragnarok Online’s rules during this event will be sanctioned depending on the offense. 
  • Guilds / Players who violated Ragnarok Online’s rules (eg: using No Delay aka NDL) during WOE will be penalized with a 7 Day / Permanent Ban depending on the severity of violation. 
  • On the 2nd offense, 30 Day / Permanent Ban on the player including the GL of the said guild will be imposed.



  • Mechanics and prizes are subject to change without prior notice.
  • ** Any decision made by the management will be final.**
  • If uncontrollable complications such as server downtime or any other technical concerns were to occur, the management has the right to void and reset the scores of the WoE for that specific day and then transfer the ownership of the castle to the GM. 



  • Disable Guild Alliance System.
  • No reset castle owner and no back-up data.


Winner Prize Reward (each server)
Remark: The cash prize will be paid in U.S. dollars.


Bingo Bonus Prizes for completing pattern (each server)
can be received bingo bonus prize once per pattern.


▪ Ragnarok Website:: https://roextreme.com/msp
▪ Download the game:: https://exe.in.th/msp-client-download
▪ Forums:: https://prontera.net/

▪ RO MSP Community:: https://tinyurl.com/ROMSPOfficialComm