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[All] Rebirth Renovation

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-06-11 17:00:00


     After reaching Base Level 99 as a second class, a character can be rebirth and start the leveling process again, being rewarded with a more powerful transcendent character. Here are some changes in the rebirth adjustment version that brings more convenience to all warrior in Rune-Midgarts!.


  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  

  •  You must be one of the 2nd classes.
  •  You must be level 99.
  • You must have a job level of 50 and have no skill points left.
  • You must remove all of the equipment including the falcon, Peco Peco, pushcart, and pets.
  • You must not be a Baby Class(Adoption Character).

  • The inventory weight must be less than or equal to 1,000
  • The cost of rebirth is 1,200,000 Zeny.
  • If you are the VIP member you can rebirth for free.
  • If you have Hi-Class Permit you can rebirth for free.
  • When you finish you will receive the item set.



  • Head to the Sage Castle in Northwest Juno.


  • Talk to Metheus Sylphe (yuno_in02 88, 164), and pay 1,200,000 Zeny. 


  • If you have VIP Member Card (7, 15, 30 Days) or Hi-Class Permit, you will not be charged this fee.


  • Read The Book of Ymir. (yuno_in02 93, 207)


  • Head south from that spot to the very bottom of the map, and turn left. (yuno_in02 82, 14)


  • Go down the stairs and walk through the maze path. (yuno_in05 153, 142)


  • You will reach a series of small rooms.


  • Each room has exactly 4 portals.


  • Select portals at random until you enter a room with only 3 portals.

Tip: Type /where when you enter a new room. When you are on 145, 83 just go south and then go through the right-hand portal.


  • Once in this room, take the right-hand portal, which will lead you to a new spiral room.


  • Head to the center of the spiral, making sure not to enter the portals along the side and enter the portal there.


  • Once in the room with the machine, you'll have to click on The Heart of Ymir at the very bottom of it.


  • After you've been warped to Valhalla, walk north as far as you can north (valkyrie 42, 82) and talk to the Valkyrie.


  • You'll be reborn into a High Novice, and warped to the town of your original first class.


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