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[ALL] Refine Renovation

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-03-04 17:01:00


It's time to make your equipment more powerful. The new refinement system is Available NOW.

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  



  • The maximum level of refinement is +10 and other refinement levels will update in the future.
  • When players refine armor for level 1-4, the items will not break anymore.
  • Update new system that players can use Blacksmith Blessing to protect item loss if refinement fail (For refinement level +8/+9/+10)
  • Increase the chance of success when refining item with Enriched or HD Ore.
  • Players can refine weapons and equipments at Refining NPC located on 2nd floor of Eden Group.




  • Blacksmith Blessing 
    You can buy the Blacksmith Blessing from Kafra Shop (1,690 KP) 



  • Enriched Ore / HD Ore
    You can bring an Elunium or Oridecon item to NPC Mineral Smelter at the Eden Group Headquarters in Morroc, to exchange for Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, HD Elunium or HD Oridecon.




Special Service: NPC Refine Guide
Help you teleport to NPC Mineral Smelter without any fee.
NPC Location Service

Refine Guide
Inside Prontera
(prt_in 63 60)
Inside Morocc
(morocc_in 73 38)
Teleporting to
Refinement Area
without any fee.
Payon Town
(payon 144 173)
Inside Yuno
(yuno_in01 171 21)
Inside Einbroch
(ein_in01 24 87)
Inside Alberta
(alberta_in 28 58)
Inside Lighthalzen
(lhz_in02 282 20)