Ragnarok Customer Support

Reset Status is Back

VALHALLA EVENT 2019-07-08 08:08:28

All instances from the previous Reset Status System will be refreshed. You can also use your old Reset Stone (from the previous Reset Status Event).

           Start: 10 July 2019 - 4:00 PM (PH Time : After Maintenance)
           End: 31 July 2019 - 9:59 AM (PH Time : Before Maintenance)

1. Reset Stone and Reset Stone box are not exchangable, drop or put in the cart but you may be able to place them in your storage.

2. A character can reset the status up to a maximum of 6 times.

How to Reset Status:
1. Make sure that the weight of your character is ZERO (Unequip all the items and place them in your storage)
2. You also have to unequip your cart / Peco Peco / Falcon from your character first.
3. Go to NPC "The Great Alchemist" at Prontera 155, 285.
4. Once you have finished resetting, (Even if you have the Reset Stone left) you have to wait for 20 hours to reset again.
5. The amount of Reset Stone required is different depending on the characters level. The higher your level is, more stones are required.

Where to find the Reset Stone:
You can purchase the reset stone from the Kafra Shop at 3,000 KP per box. The item will be available at the shop for only THREE weeks
(Starting today until July 31, 2019, The item and NPC will be removed at the end of the event period)

NPC Reset status will also be removed from the server on July 31, 2019