[ALL] Riko & Rika Exchange

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   Have you ever tired of the same costume and equipment? If yes, Riko and Rika the twin sister is here to help you! Exchange your unwanted headgear or costume and turn it into the new one that you dream of.



  • The Exchange system will be divided into two categories as follows.
  • Riko Exchange >> Exchange only costume.
  • Rika Exchange >> Exchange costume and equipment.
  • The list of items will be updated every month. 



  • Before the exchange process, player must bring the only item that want to exchange in character storage. (not to equip)
  • Be careful, if a player has 2 same items, NPC will always choose the first one.
  • You must keep the item that you didn't want to exchange in the Kafra Storage first to prevent any loss.
  • If NPC takes the item that you didn't mean to use for exchange, we are reserve the right not to return the item to players.


CAUTION! If players have +0 and +5 item in the character's inventory.
When the player exchange, there is a chance that NPC will take +5 for exchanging.
You must keep the item that you didn't want to exchange
in Kafra Storage first, to prevent any loss.





  • Exchange your unwanted costume which obtain from the Costume Scroll Pack, into a Riko's Letter at NPC Riko Exchange, she is standing at Eden Group Kitchen.


  • The costume from Riko's List 1 ea >> Exchange to Riko's Letter 1 ea.


  • Riko's Letter 3 ea >> Randomly exchange costume from Riko's List as the table below.



Have a chance to get C Butterfly Crown, when random item from Riko's List.




  • Exchange your unwanted costume and equipment items which obtain from the scroll, into a Rika's Jewel at NPC Rika Exchange, she is standing at Eden Group Kitchen.


  • The item from Rika's List 1 ea >> Exchange to Rika's Jewel 1 ea.


  • Rika's Jewel 2 ea >> Randomly exchange item from Rika's List as the table below.


the costume as follows can't bring to exchange to Rika Jewel.
but you can find it from Rika Random List.

C Giant Maneki Doll / C Thanatos SwordC Camillia Hair Pin

C Shiba Inu / C Subject Aura / C Baseball Cap / C Soulless Wing
C Angel Wing Ears / C Protect Cloth / C Piggyback / C Rune Helm / C Wings of Uriel




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